Sunday, September 30, 2007

Friday night bliss and a Beautiful Saturday

I left you as I was leaving work Friday headed to the game. As normal, the band looked good, but the team did not. I am not a football person, so I can not tell you what is going on with them. It looks like they just can't get together. As I said, the Blue Knights looked good. They performed the entire show for the first time and I thought did a good job. The video for the performance is in the right side area under a new link place to videos. Just click the video you want to see and it will start showing at the top of this column. Then you can click on the link under the video to go to a larger screen size viewing. I will attempt to keep the videos from the games posted. Other videos I post to Google will also show up here, so look for the band picture for band video. I have already posted two videos, one is of our band. The other is of the TCCHS band performance at the County wide exhibition at Childersburg on Tuesday. It is a show to see. I will get our performance from the exhibition uploaded soon. I upload from my computer at work due to the very high speed connection we have verses at home.
Let me cover the last couple of days for you. Friday night went well. We made a decent amount from the concession stand. It actually got chilly during the game. Amy worked a table to sign up PTSA members and I think got 5 members signed up. I slept good that night. Saturday, I headed to SAS with concerns due to the events of last shift. To my surprise, the day went pretty smooth. We only ran 8 calls total with my unit transporting two and a public assist and a PRT. We got some good sleep. during the day and night. My partner and I rode out to the Sycamore Fire Fighter appreciation day at Chief's house. It looked like they had a good time. We only stayed a short time.
Today, I got home about 8:15. I laid down with Amy to watch some TV before getting ready for work. I of course fell asleep. I got up at noon, got ready and left for TCC. Picked up lunch and take out for supper at Hooters. Made it in to work on time. A co-worked at TCC brought me his trencher so I can cut the conduit trench to my shop tomorrow. I think I will go ahead and trench in a line from the water line to the shop while I have it and put in a spigot at the concrete pad for so we can wash the tractor or whatever. I'll let you know how it goes next time I post.
I work tell 10:30 tonight and then have plans to work outside tomorrow till time to go to Band Boosters, Scouts and a Foundation meeting tomorrow night.
Till next time,

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