Saturday, September 1, 2007

Football, Band and School Stuff

As you can tell, I have several posts for you today. I did not want to do just one big one, so I have broken it down by subjects.

This one is about Winterboro school and all the activities of yesterday.

Amy and I started early at the school yesterday, getting there at about 9:45 for the 10 am pep rally. The pep rally went real well. The band sounded great, the cheerleaders looked great and the spirit was high. After the rally, Amy and I headed home to finish a lanyard ID for the new band director and get the bags for student of the week done. We went back to the school shortly after lunch. We picked up the student of the week snacks on the way back. At the school, Amy and I separated to do different tasks. She had student of the week to deliver and then went to work on the school's wiki site (see the new link on the right side panel for the school). I went to the concession stand to help clean it up from where some jerk had broken into it and stole about $1500 worth of drinks and stuff from us along with breaking the glass out to get in. I found several other band boosters already there and done with the clean up and were restocking what they were able to get on short notice from Coke and local stores. I headed back up to the school and found Amy working on the web site in Mrs. Knight's room. I went out to the band room and hung out till the end of school and I could catch Hunter before he got on the bus. We all went to town and got dinner then back home to let Hunter change into his band uniform and then straight back to the school. Amy and I had volunteered to work the concession stand for the night and of course Hunter had to march. We worked the stand till it was time for Hunter to march, then went out to watch his first performance. They did a great job. I will get some pics posted soon along with the video of the performance. We then headed back to the sauna, otherwise known as the concession stand. It was a lot of work, but we ended up doing real well in profits for the night. This money will go to make the uniform payment that is due. I hate that the football team had not so good of a night as the band. They ended up loosing the game 6-0 to Fayetteville. They fought hard and did not let Fayetteville score till late in the game, but need to step up their game considerably. I know it has to be hard adjusting to the new coach just like the band is adjusting to a new band director. They will both be fine, we just have to be patient for the programs to grow. We finally made it home about 10 pm. We sent Hunter to the shower first since, well he just smelt the worse of us. Amy and I also could not wait for showers since we both felt like french fries and hamburgers. After that, it was time for a pain pill and some sleep.

I am now here at TCC working. I am pulling a 10:30 a - 10:30 p shift. I will fill you in if something exciting happens. For now, I just am flight following helicopters and waiting for Amy to call me and let me know how much its going to be to fix our air conditioner that went out sometime during the night.

Update you guys later,


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