Friday, September 28, 2007

Rough end week of Sept 07

Hello everyone,

I have had a rough week this week. I sure hope you have had better. My works have both been very stressful this week with conflicts between fellow employees and my worrying on how to solve the problems. If you know anything about me, you know that I do not like conflict and am a saver of the world and its problems. Well, this week has been one that I have gotten into messes trying to do just that, solve the problems and reduce conflict. But as always, it has just made it worse.

I ended the last blog at work on Saturday, it ended without much incident.

Sunday was at SAS, the day was slow but of course we were up all night.

Monday, I went home and slept till noon. Got up to get ready for work and headed to TCC. I barley made it in time. We had a busy shift but during the shift I did try and solve some of the problems with the pool personnel shift schedule that a co worker and I are trying to get started at the request of Joe. We are getting some resistance to the change and a couple of people are real mad, but Joe approved the plan, so I guess I will just have to put up with the complaining and being mad at me till it all blows over. I did not get out of there till after 11 pm. That meant getting home after midnight. Amy needed help with a couple things so I did not lay down till after 2 am.

Tuesday, I got up with Amy at 6 am. I worked on getting the trailer ready to go get painted on Wednesday. I also worked on checking grants and doing some fund raising calls for the band. I went to town to check on Amy, who was a chaperon for the pool party at school. I then had lunch and headed home to complete getting the trailer done and to be at the school at 3 pm to get loaded for the band exhibition. The band did a great show. Then it went downhill. We had several kids decided to wonder off and be where they were not supposed to be. Myself and another parent went to retrieve them. One of the students decided to be trouble and resist the command to go back to where he was supposed to be, He was verbally abusive toward us and to Ms. Street ( the band director). this just made the rest of the night tense and unenjoyable. When we got back to the band room and were unloading, Amy called and said she was coming to meet us but the car would not start. We finally got all the students gone about 10 pm and Hunter and I headed home. We have not eaten supper even at this late of an hour. I got home and found that indeed the car would not turn over. It jumped right off, so we headed to town to get a bite to eat. The funny thing that happened during this was that Amy (known for going slow everywhere) got pulled over for going 40 in a 25. The officer knew me and did not give her a ticket, but it was funny to Hunter and I. We ate at McDonalds and Kelly came by and visited with us there. When we got ready to leave, the car would not crank again, Kelly couldn't jump us with the patrol car so as I was hunting for someone to help us, he pulled back up with a fellow Sycamore FD member that he had come across down the road who jumped us off. So once again, I got in bed about 2 in the morning.

Wednesday, I got up at 5:30 so that I could take the band trailer to the body shop and get the truck back home so that I can jump the car off and leave it for Amy to use. I then headed back to town to get a the battery checked and replaced. I made it in to work at SAS just a few minutes late. That is when everything went wrong. Of course I was grumpy and tired. I was in the supply room and was gripping about the lack of some supplies and not knowing who my partner was today since David had school again and Patsy would not be with me. Patsy heard my gripping and for some reason got upset with me and yelled about several issues and stomped off. I got with Preston and we left to run some errands. we got a call and then the other unit had to go to Montgomery. While they were gone, we ran our tails off. Then when they got back, we again had a small conflict with the other crew about a call. It took a four page report to Barry to explain all the events of that day and night, so I will not bore you with all the details. Lets just say that it did not get better but worse, to the point that Patsy left in the middle of the night.

Thursday, I was awoke by Barry to ask me to write a incident report on the events of the night. I had to work over till 6 pm today. I got up and wrote the report. The mood around the service was awful for the whole day and of course I was tired since I had all of 2 hours of sleep and not good sleep at that. We had a decent day with not to many calls. I got off work at 6 pm and made my way to the PTS meeting at the school. we than went to dinner and I got to bed a little before 10. Finally some decent sleep.

And now it is Friday. I am at TCC working the 6:30am - 2;30 pm shift. I left the house at 5:30 and made it in fine. We have had a very slow day. I got about 30 minutes before I get to head home to change clothes and go to the school to work the concession stand. Then to SAS tomorrow ( I am worried about what the mood will be).

I will update you on Sunday when I am back at TCC.

Tell Then,


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