Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's gone, it's finally gone !!

Hello everyone,

Yes, I sold the u-haul truck. I am so glad. We have already purchased the trailer to replace it. I will get some pics up soon of the trailer for your viewing.

Anyway, let me catch you up from my last post.

I left you as I was getting if work at TCC. We had a staff meeting at TCC after my shift. Not much to update there, a possibility of more part time and full time positions coming as we expand and we went over new Trauma Plans for North Alabama region. I headed home about 9:45. I stopped at Hancock fabrics to see if they had a square that Amy needed with no success. I then had to go on into Sylacauga and pick up Hunter's uniform at the cleaners. So I got home about noon. I had to be at the school to load the band at 2:00 (you do the math, that's not much sleep). Anyway, We got the truck loaded and headed tho Pleasant Valley for the game. It did not take long before Amy and I realized the truck had an fuel leak and a exhaust leak. We were flying high by the time we got there. The game did not go well. We lost about 5 or 6 players to injury and lost after a great start. The band did GREAT. Dad rode back with me due to I would not let Amy ride in the fumes.

The next day was a SAS day, We had a great day. it was relaxing and smooth. On the way back from a Brookwood trip, we stopped and I got to look at the SMART car. It is so cool, I want a silver or red one bad. Chris worked for Preston and he is the "MASTER' of ribs, so he did us several slabs up and we were in heaven. Amy came over and got her hair cut. We had a steady night but not to bad.

I went home the next morning and took a 3 hour nap before heading to Work at TCC. I did stop at the SMART car exhibit again so that I could drive one. It just made me want one worse. They are so much fun to drive. At TCC, we had a busy afternoon with several long flights for LifeSaver.

On Monday, Amy and Hunter headed to school and I was going to sleep just a little but awoke at noon. I went to the school to take the u-haul truck to the shop. it has a major fuel leak and we found that the exhaust system was completely shut down and collapsed. I got a great offer for the truck for parts from the shop mechanic. At the Band Booster meeting, we decided to sell the truck and go ahead and buy the trailer. We did other band stuff to but nothing really to tell you about except to be ready to purchase cookie dough and pizza kits soon.

Then it was back to SAS. We had a busy day till I got off at 5:30 to go to a Foundation meeting at the school. The foundation meeting went real well with the foundation giving $1231.00 to the band for help in the purchase of instruments. Back at SAS, we had a slow night and got some decent rest.

On Wednesday, I went home when I got off from SAS and cleaned up, then headed to the school to help Amy move some computers and go sell the truck. Of course, if it can happen, it did. We found out we had no title for the truck. I still sold it to the guy fro parts but lost $750.00 due to him not being able to turn around and sell the chassis without a title. But it is gone and I do not have to worry with it no more. I spent the rest of the day either at the school working or running to the bank for the band to make deposits and get a check to purchase the trailer. I picked the trailer up in the afternoon and then when Hunter and I got home, started cleaning stickers off of it and getting it in tip top shape for the band. It is going to be so much better to use than the truck was. The family actually ate at home last night which was a great treat. Amy and I watched some TV and went to bed.

I now am at TCC for the 6:30 to 2:30 shift. It has not been to bad today here. I have done a lot of organization of things in my binders and worked on next months schedule. I did realize I had a brake problem on the Sable, so I will be doing a brake job on Saturday with Rex's help.

I am looking forward to this weekend. I get off from SAS tomorrow afternoon to work the ball game and don't have to work till Monday again. Beside doing the brake job, I hope to just do things with Amy and Hunter and relax.

I'll let you know how it goes. Bye for now


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