Friday, September 7, 2007

Slow night at TCC with EMERGENCY DVD's

Good morning everyone,
I have been here at TCC all night on a 12 hour shift. It was a good quite night. I got 6 episodes of EMERGENCY watched. I am almost done with season 3.
I have had a good couple of days. Wednesday was at SAS. We only did like 5 or 6 calls (i know I only did 3) we did not run a call after we got back from Montgomery at about 6:30 pm. I stayed up all night to make it so I could sleep during the day Thursday cause I had to work the 7:30 p - 7:30 a shift here at TCC. So of course that is what I did during the day Yesterday till time to get up, get ready go get Hunter from Band and make it in to work. We have staff meeting at 7:30 this morning so I am doing this blog before everyone gets here. I will then go home and take a nap before having to be at the school around 2 to get ready to go to the football game tonight. We go to Pleasant Valley (close to Jacksonville). I am driving the old u-haul truck. It should be fun. LOL.
Ill talk to you guys later and let you know how the band did and I guess how the team did also.

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EMS Action said...

Nice choice in ways to pass time. I'm so glad they put Emergency on DVD. I have all three seasons, too.