Saturday, September 22, 2007

Trailer for Band taking shape

I can not believe I have not put on a blog all week. It has been a busy week.

I don't even think I can start to tell you about the whole week, but I will give you a quick snapshot.

Monday was a SAS day, We had a pretty good day till that evening. About dark (we were headed to dinner), the other unit got a call to a possible death of unknown type. We went as backup for them. We arrived to find a young man (22 yo) ,that we all knew due to the fact that he worked at the hospital, dead on the couch. No apparent reason for death. As I did a survey of the home for possible medication bottles or other facts, I came across some explosive devices and what looked like a bag of nails. We evacuated the home immediately. The ABI came and cleared the home before we could remove the body. it made for a long few hours. I fell for our acquaintance, but we all knew he had some problems going on and was not right when it came to firearms and explosives. It scared all of us that he had the devices we found. The ABI confirmed that the devices were triggers for hand grenades and the bag of what looked like nails were something he called fasets. He explained that these were projectiles from the Korean and Vietnam war that are basically nails with fins on them so that they fly straight. He told us they are rare to see and mostly use to load shotgun shells with to fire like a bunch of arrows. Like I said before, it was not a good feeling to know these things are out there much less that a person you knew and someone that talked about weapons all the time had them and was doing something with them. We finished the night pretty quietly.

Tuesday, Got off and got ready to head to B'ham for an afternoon shift. I ran a bunch of errands on the way in. I had to go to the cleaners, to Home Depot for stuff to work on the trailer on Wednesday. I then went to the Rogers to pick up the new band director podium that Mr. Rogers built so that the new director would not fall threw the old one. It looks great. He helped me round off the edges for the boards for the new trailer floor dividers also. Mr. Rogers had also called a friend of his and arranged for some railing to go in the trailer, so I left there and went to pick it up. I made it in to work a little early. It was an interesting day with a charge from my director to figure out how to get all the "pool" staff on a path to doing our schedule differently. A co-worker and I figured out that the only way to make it work with the staff never being in one place at a time and it hard to communicate between us, was to do it online. So I set up a new Blogspot for tccpool and than linked a calendar program to it so that we can input our days and communicated from where ever we are. It is not exciting or anything, but you are welcome to look at it.

On Wednesday, I spent all day stripping put the inside of the trailer and rebuilding a system for the instruments and equipment to be secured. Check out all the pictures of the trailer by clicking on the Picasa link to the Right side of this and go to the band album. It looks great inside. Oh and by the way, I got a my friend who owns Watson Paint and Body to agree to paint the trailer for the band and he got Dupont to donate the paint for it. I also painted the podium base and put the carpet on it. The podium was delivered that afternoon when we picked Hunter up from practice. We relaxed the rest of the evening after dinner. I guess it was the first time I had sat and watched the new TV. It is amazing to me how clear the picture is, even without the HD tuner yet.

Thursday came, I went to SAS and Any to the school. She called me shortly after 9 am and said she was having trouble with her vision and had blacked out a couple of times. I went ahead and took the day off so that I could watch her and be there if she needed anything. It actually gave me a restful day that I probably needed anyway. She is doing fine now, i think it was just the sinus infection she has that has been going around these parts. I picked Hunter up from practice and we went to town and ran a couple of errands and picked up dinner then relaxed some more.

Friday was of course a busy day for us. I finished a few things that needed doing to the trailer for use for the game. Did some chores around the house, then headed to town to get my radio programed and get some lunch. I got to the school at 2 pm to hang a curtain rod for Amy and then load the band trailer. If you looked at the pictures, you saw that everything fit great and it went well. The game went well tell the rain came than it all fell apart. We rushed to get instruments in the trailer and out of the rain and during this, one of the football players got hurt and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. At the same time, we had a band member having chest pains and shortness of breath. We ended up calling a ambulance for her also and she went to the hospital. we left a parent with her and headed back to Winterboro. As soon as I got back to the school, Amy picked me up and we headed back to Wedowee to pick up the parent and check on the students. My mom came and picked Hunter up and took him home with her for the night. We got back to Wedowee a little after midnight to find that everyone was already gone home. I sure wish I had had phone signal threw the woods so that we could have not made that trip. We got back to the school about 1:45 and picked up the truck and got home right after 2am. I don't even remember laying down.

And now it is Saturday. I am at work at TCC. So far it has been a good day, But it is a Saturday, so there is no telling what will happen later.

I will fill you in next time. Check out the pictures on the Picasa link to the Right for pictures from the week in the Band and school albums. I also put a vidio below of the band as thay prepair and play thae fight song as the team comes to the field at Woodland.


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