Sunday, September 16, 2007

What a beutiful Weekend

I don't know how your weekend was, but mine was great. Could not ask for better.

Friday, started at SAS a had a good day. Got off from there and went to the ballgame to volunteer in the concession stand. We had a decent night as far a fund raising goes. the team did not have such a good night, but the band did well. Came home and got to sleep in my bed.

Got up Saturday morning and headed to town to get the parts to fix the car. Rex hand I knocked the job right out and I learned a little about brake work. Rex then took me on a tour of the river down stream from his place. It was so beautiful out there and the temp was awesome with a cool breeze. Got home to find Amy and Hunter up and we got ready and went on to Birmingham to do some shopping. I did not find the Crocs I was looking for nut we did find a good deal on a 42 inch LCD monitor that Amy wanted to buy the family for both TV watching and for the computer to work on her web sights. Like I'm going to argue with that. We also got a DVD player that expands the current DVD's to 1080p format and records DVD's so Amy can record some of her shows she keeps on the DVR. Hunter and I got it hooked up and watching fast when we got home. We took the Sony 32 inch up to grandmom's so that she would have a bigger set so it would be easier for her to see.

I got to sleep in this morning which I needed badly. When I got up, Hunter was on the phone and Amy was still asleep so I went out and pulled the vinyl stickers off the trailer for the band. Hunter and I then did some more work on getting the trailer cleaned up and ready for new carpet and to be cleaned up good. We straighten up the shop and fixed a bar on the 3 point hitch of the tractor. Since then I have just relaxed, ate dinner and done this blog. I look forward to a busy week, but it should be a good week.

Talk to you later,


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EMS Action said...

42" monitor? You lucky dog! I would never get off the computer, if I were you! And to think, I thought I was doing good with a 24" monitor.

I'm getting a 50" HDTV this week. Does that give me geek cred? :-)

Have you checked The Pants Store in Leeds? They had a boat load of crocks the last time I was in there.