Saturday, September 1, 2007

Weather Watching

For you that do not know, I am a weather watcher for ABC 33/40 along with a Skywatcher for them also. I have a weather station here at my home and try to report the daily statistics every night. Hunter and Amy help me a lot when I am at the ambulance service. I look forward to one day being able to put my weather center up online and have a link here on my blog, but that is some time off.

As I said, we try to report every evening about 9:30 pm to the weather center at ABC 33/40 so that they can use the numbers if they wish. Sometimes they use rainfall, other times it is temperature readings. So as you watch ABC 33/40 and you see Sycamore , you know where it comes from.

Here is the link to the weather watcher reports that are submitted daily by all the Online Weather Watchers:

I wanted to give you my totals for August from the center:
Total rainfall recorded was 5.24 inches
Average High Temp: 97.7 degrees
Average Low Temp: 71.2 degrees
We had 12 day of 100 + degree heat

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