Monday, October 1, 2007

Finely got the trench dug

It has been a day around here. Started off with Amy not feeling well, but she went on to work. I did some laundry while I was clean to wash our sheets. When I went out to start working in the yard, Kelly had a friend of his over to plow a deer plot. I watched them for a few minutes then headed to do the trench. I cranked the digger and got it off the trailer, then moved to the start location. When I went to re crank it after surveying the site again, the starter cord broke. I headed to town to go to the lawn mower shop to get a cord. Of course it was closed. I did find some cord at Home Depot that I thought would work. I picked up a few other things too (you know you can't go for just one thing). I had to go by Bruce's office and look at a fire truck bid and then headed home. I finely figured out how to get the cord to wind properly and got to digging. It was going great till I saw water shooting into the air. I had miss judged the depth of my water line severely. Got it cut off and continued down the trench. I only found two other pipes or debris beside my water line. But I ended up redoing the start string several more times. When I got turned around to come from the shed back to the trench I broke the cord again. I'm sure glad the pack of cord I bought was 50 feet. I got the trench finished and was moving the trencher to the other side to do the water line when disaster struck. The trencher wheels on the right side got stuck in the trench already dug and the whole thing fell over onto the right side. I had to get the tractor out with the front end loader to pick it up. When I did, I noticed the muffler was missing from the trencher. It of course was broken off at the motor. It looked like it had been repaired before, so I took it off and have used JB Weld to see if it works like it claims to. Anyway. I did get the water line dug and even taught Hunter how to operate the trencher. The job I thought I would have done by 10 am was finally complete at 6:05 pm.

During all the above, it was also medical day for the people around me. First, the Band Director had a wreck in Anniston on the way to school this morning and was in the ED when she called me to tell me that we would postpone band boosters till another night. Then Dad called me and said he was on the way to the ED because he felt like he did 10 years ago when he had the cyst. Of course his Neurologist is in Chicago, so I was hunting up names of other doctors in case. It ended up OK but he is on serious pain meds till Dr Suede gets back Thursday. Then of course Amy does not feel good. So I would not get around me, I may be bad luck.

Hunter had Scouts tonight and I had a Foundation Nominations Committee meeting. Then we went to dinner and are at home. So I am going to bed. Sorry no pics of the events of today.

I do want say that I will pray for the health of all the people that are ill or injured around me and ask that you all include them in your prayers. And yes, Mrs. Rogers, you are on my prayer list with your surgery too.

God bless and good night,

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