Sunday, October 21, 2007

Band Band Band, Will it ever end

Hello again,

I Left you on Tuesday at TCC. I got off at 2:30pm and headed to the school to pick Hunter up. We left from there and went to Goodwater to see how Charlie was doing with the deer fields. After driving all over the property looking for him. we found him at sunset cleaning a deer. He had been in a tree stand hunting deer,while we were hunting him. We meet Amy for dinner and headed home. Wednesday was another day at SAS. Nothing exciting happened but we were very busy during the day. But got to sleep all night again. The best part is that I do not have to return to SAS till Tuesday. HEY!! I did some errands around town then home for a shower and to TCC. We had a busy day there. I got home late as normal. On Friday, I was off (don't go into shock) I did not mean to, but I slept in till 10. I had a list a mile long of projects to do. I got most of them done, but not all before having to head to the school for the band to load the trailer and head to Lineville. We had a great show. The football team looked good but then feel apart. We lost of course. we got home and got to bed, due to having the band competition on Saturday. I got up about 7 so that I could get ready and go get ice for the family reunion. I awoke Amy before I left. When I got back, they were almost ready to go. We headed to the school again to again load the band trailer. We got to Pell City for the competition and started the process of getting the band ready. We took the field at the designated time and I thought put on a good show. That is when my day went wrong. We got back to the trailer area to find Ashville's band parked in front of ours and all there kids all around our truck and trailer. This made it very difficult for us to reload ours and even do anything. It was a mess. After our band threw there stuff in the trailer, I stayed around to hook back up and move when Ashville left. Even with the band director knowing I was watching and waiting. He did not move the kids or even watch them. I came around the side and found a bunch leaned on our trailer and three of them sitting on our finder bending it down. I lost it. The stupid director did not even help me when I was asking the kids to get off our trailer. One of the Pell City folks saw that I was upset and came and helped me get the kids away and we got our trailer out of there. The rest of the day went OK when I finally cooled off. The band scores were not what we wanted, but We can get it next year. We headed home after the awards. Amy had driven her car so that she could go check out the Martha collection at K-Mart. Hunter and I got home and proceeded to relax. When Amy got home, we cooked dinner and watched a movie where I feel asleep. So now it is Sunday. I meet some of the FD members at 10 this morning so that we could map out our hay ride route. Of course, my vehicle broke down in the middle of the woods. Andrea went and got her Jeep and we pulled it to the house. I don't know which wire was shorted but we moved them all and replaced the fuse to the ignition and it fired back up. I guess I will have to figure out which wire some day. And as I said, I am now back at TCC. We have been very busy with flights today. I did get my Power Point presentation done for the Foundation tomorrow and it e-mailed home. I am now about to get off and head home. Tomorrow starts early again. I told Charlie I would help him with the tractor work to get finished than get it home. I have the foundation meeting at 6 pm and Hunter has Court of Honor at 7pm. Just another day for Jeff.

See you later.

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