Tuesday, October 16, 2007

An easy Sunday and a busy Monday

Hello everyone,

I am again sitting here at TCC. Came in this morning (Tuesday the 16th) at 0630. I thought I would fill in the last couple of days.

Sunday was a SAS day. We ran a few calls in the morning hours. After lunch, I was able to work on the trailer some. I got the back area around the door sanded and repainted. It looks so much better. We had a real light afternoon and I laid down at 8 pm. We did not have a call all night, but the phone rang every time I fell asleep. David eventually asked if I was a operator or what. We did have a call about 6:30 the next morning.

After I got off from work on Monday, I started working on the trailer some more. I found aluminum wheels to fit it at a local wrecker service. They are off a Explorer. It took some time to get them off, but they will look good. I then went to Phillips Tire and used a breakdown machine to remove the old tires so I could check clearance of the wheels on the trailer. They fit great. Phillips has ordered a new set of trailer tires for it to be here Wednesday. They are donating them. I then went to HD for some supplies. Then to Childersburg Truck sales for some lights. I picked up some clear type lights for outside the back and side and some new marker lights to replace the ones that look so bad. I ended up also getting a couple of flashing LED lights for the back donated. I headed home after that. Picked up a couple of errands that needed done and headed to the school to take Amy something she needed and to take down a decoration from homecoming. From there it was to town to drop off cards to Daren for the Foundation. Then back home. to do what I needed to be doing hours ago. I cut over the grass that needed it before the family reunion. Smoothed over the lines that where trenched for the power and water lines to the shop and put grass seed on it. Charlie came over to borrow the tractor to do some deer plots, so I helped load it up. I did some more work on the conduit line to the shed then it got to dark for me to finish the electrical hookup. Maybe this afternoon I can do it. During all this work, Amy and Hunter got home and came up. Amy had ordered some silverware for our cottage we are planning on building. It is named Turkey Cottage, so the silverware has turkey on the handles. It is real nice. Unfortunately she also got to telling me about her day and that a kid had come to her and told her that another kid has Hunters long lost ipod. Well this got me to thinking about all the searching I had done were Hunter had told me he lost it. HE HAD LIED TO ME ABOUT WERE IT WAS ! We headed to dinner and I asked Hunter were he had lost the ipod and had he knew the whole time I was searching for it, where it was. He confessed that it had been stolen by a thug at school and he did not want to get in trouble for taking it to school and it being stolen. So he made up the story about dropping it at the tree sale. It is now a year later, so there is not much we can do to recover the ipod. I have yet to decide Hunters punishment for lying, but he needs to lean that a lie will always catch up with you. I'll be glad to take suggestions on punishments from you family members out there. Anyway, the night was not as relaxed as I wish it could have been. Amy and I talked some till to late. I did manage a few hours of sleep. And Like I said before, I am now at TCC. I get off at 2:30 and will head home.

Talk to you later,


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