Sunday, October 28, 2007

I burned my truck up but still had a decent week

I have been told that I write to much and it read like a diary. I figure, why change now. So I will continue to fill you in on my days here on this planet, for now.

When I left left you, I was at TCC on last Sunday. This week has been full of events, so get ready.

I finished Sunday night out at work and went to the house. I got up when Amy and Hunter left for school on Monday and went to go help Charlie. It was a beautiful, Rainy day. Like I told you before, I had truck problems the day before. Well, it did not get better. I got in the truck to go and made it about 100 feet up the drive when the truck blew a fuse again. I started trying to find the short in a wire. I had to jack the truck up so I could get to the starter and thought I found a lose wire on the top of the starter, but I could not see it or get a wrench to it. I called Charlie and told him I would not be making it and called my mechanic friend to see what he suggested as far as getting to the starter wire. He agreed with me that dropping the starter is the easiest way. Please remind me that I am not a mechanic from now on. I failed to undo the battery cable so when I dropped the starter and it touched the brake line, all hell broke loose. If you could have just scene me coming out from underneath that truck, you would not need to go yo the comedy club for a long time. I got the cable off the battery and the fire out. I let the wrecker come get it and a real mechanic clean up my mess. I just did a couple of errand s around town and went back home. The Foundation meeting went well. I was elected Secretary/Treasurer and the fund raiser I came up with was approved for next November 1st. I will fill you in later on the event. I'm sure you will get sick of me talking about it for the next year.

Tuesday, Another day at SAS. We had a great day and night with only a few calls.

Wednesday, It was another rainy day. I ran some errands around town then went to get mom so she could take me to get my truck. We met dad at The Raspberry Bakery for lunch then mom and I ran to the bank so that I could be added to their account in case of an emergency. I picked my truck up from the shop and headed home. Of course it still acted up and blew a fuse just as I got to my driveway. I just parked it and got ready to go to Pelham to see Thomas and his family. We had a great night with them and Pam and the Rogers. Thank you Mrs. Rogers for allowing us to have beer with our pizza (LOL). It was great to see the kids and visit with Page and Thomas.

Thursday, I pulled a 7:30a to 7:30p shift at TCC. It was a great shift. I love to have those easy days and get paid at the same time (its not near as rewarding as being in OT at SAS and sleeping all night, but close). I went to see a friend who is in the hospital at VA when I got off work. Then home.

Friday, Back to SAS. I only worked till 4:30, thank goodness, cause we ran our butts off. I left and went home to change quickly then to the school. I got the privilege to being substitute band director for the night. It was a blast. For those of you that don't know, our Winterboro Bulldogs played a great game and won with 1 second left on the clock. It was one heck of a party after the game.

Saturday, We went to Pelham for an early Thanksgiving meal with the Rogers and family. I had to leave at 2 to be back to Sycamore for the hay ride, but Amy stayed for the night. When I went to go, Amy and Hunter followed me to Sprint and we picked up their phones. Yes, I have lost it and gave my son a cell phone. He now has his own # and Amy's # is the same as our home #. The hay ride went very well and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.

So we are now back to Sunday, I am again sitting at TCC. Thomas and Page came by and sat with me awhile. It was good to have some visiting time with them, even though it was while I worked. I look forward to going to see them in Colorado.

I will finish my shift out tonight at 10:30, then head home to get ready to start another week with SAS tomorrow. I will update you guys Wednesday when I am back at TCC.

Till Then,


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