Saturday, October 13, 2007

Week of October 8th thru 13th

Hello again,

As you saw on the previous post, the trailer is coming along great. This week has been another long week of trials for the White family. As you know, our air went out on Saturday sometime. So of course the first chance I got to get a repair man there, I did.

Let me go back and just start from the end of the last post. I finished Sunday night at TCC. Amy and Hunter stayed up at mom's due to the air. I got some sleep and then headed out to SAS on Monday morning. Hunter was still out of school due to it being a holiday but mostly due to the race traffic. We had a good day at SAS. Nothing much to report. I had to leave SAS before getting relief due to the repair man coming at 0830. He got there shortly after I did. We found that the fan motor outside was out causing the unit not to transfer the air to cool it. It about put me in shock when he told me the total for the repair. During the time he was gone to get a part, I ran over to the sign man shop and approved the lettering for the band trailer since he had to change fonts on it. After the repair man left, I ran into town to get some lunch and pick up some metal trash cans for the school to use for homecoming decor. The good news is that I get them back next week to use for storage of the bird seed.I hung around the school for a little while till it was out. Hunter had band practice so Amy and I went home. We had to return at 5:30 pm to pick him up and for Band Booster meeting. I sure wish I could figure out how to get the boosters all together on issues and there not be a separation down the middle. I don't think it is possible. We headed for the AUCE wing place for our normal Tuesday dinner. Wednesday started off great for me, I got to sleep in. I did not mean to, but it sure felt good. When I awoke, I was heading out the door to the shed when I saw a Coyote in the yard. It was marking out where we feed the Deer. I made my way to the Gun safe area and got out my 270. When I got back out there, there were two of them. One was full blood Coyote and the other a wild dog or mix. They were laying together so I shot them together. I hate shooting them, but they have caused us so much pain and I don't want them getting the cats. After that, I worked on putting in the electrical conduit and line to my shop. Amy and Hunter got home and I got to a stopping point so we could head to Bham to have dinner at Ted's as per Hunters request. We stopped at the music store to get a new drum head then went to the Rogers to drop off some baby stuff. Dinner was real good as normal. Got home and into bed. Thursday was again a day at SAS. It was a steady day but not to bad. The best part was that We went to bed about 11pm and I did not awaken till 7:30 the next morning. I love getting paid overtime while I sleep. I was supposed to hold over till noon but did not get off till 1 pm due to a Bham trip. I made my way to get Amy's prescriptions then home for a quick shower then to the school for the Pep rally. I picked up the trailer from getting lettered on my way in.When I got to the school, I found out the rope on the flag pole is still broken. I got a line man from Alabama Power to come to the school and put in a new rope threw the pulley. We ran home and then right back to the school for all the fun of working the concession stand. Again, I sure wish I could find a way to get all the boosters on one page and to get along. We had a great crew tonight and it went pretty smoothly until we started running out of stuff to sale. I again do not understand why people want to behave badly when we tell them we are out of something. Its not like we are McDonalds with a truck that just comes and brings supplies in. We can't overstock but then we are caught understocked. I myself would love to somehow figure out the solution. Maybe with some thought and work, we can do it more efficiently. We were all so tired last night I do not remember laying down.

I am again sitting here at TCC. I came in at 1030 (1045 I was late). We have been super busy today. I did put a lot of new pictures in the picture link and have the new video of the band last night at homecoming. I still have to upload the last week performance from Ohatchee, Sorry.

An update on the trailer fund raising, we got $125.00 more this week toward it. So that means we only have $313.00 left to pay it off as of right now. I do have to buy some lights for the inside and outside this week, so it will go up by about $100.00 then. But we are doing good. I will keep looking for sponsors to help.

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