Friday, December 28, 2007

Stormy Weather

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a good Holiday. Mine has been mixed between good and not so good. Kinda like today, stormy.

I had a great Christmas eve and a good Christmas day cause I got to rest and spend time with Amy and Hunter. On Christmas night, we went up to mom and dad's for our traditional Christmas evening meal and exchange of gifts. Mom and dad, you of course over did but I love you and appreciate all you do for us. I enjoyed myself and enjoyed the fellowship. Thanks for all.

Unfortunately, after the evening was over is when it all went down hill here. Amy got real sick in the night and it has been a long couple of days with her feeling so bad and in the bed. Hunter and I got up the day after and went to exchange the PlayStation from a 40G to a 80G so it would do what he wanted. I sure did not know how complex those gaming systems had gotten. You can say that he got a computer for Christmas instead of a gaming console. it does everything. He even gets on the web and stores data. I like the blue ray disk player. It took us almost all day to get the Ethernet cables ran and it set up. But he enjoys it and that is all that matters. As for Amy, she is still under the weather but seems to be a little better.

I worked TCC yesterday (Thursday) morning and then taught a Basic refresher class last night. I am now at Care in Talladega working a 24 shift. The weather is stormy just like the last few days but I look forward to the sun to come back out.

I have to work at TCC the next two nights for the night 12 hour shifts (that will be Saturday and Sunday nights). I will update my blog then and let you know how Amy is and how my shift here goes.

Tell then,


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EMS Action said...

Tell Amy to get well, soon. I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year, Jeff.