Saturday, December 15, 2007

Want to go to East Buddaville with me?

Hello to everyone,

It is Saturday here at TCC on December 15. I know you all are going, where is Jeff. Well, the truth is, I have been in my own little crisis world. I am so tired of all the problems and drama. I can not wait to get threw tomorrow and for Amy to be out of school. I hope it will calm down for a bit. Between SAS drama and all the problems that have plagued the school the last few weeks, we are ready to move to east buddaville.

I start orientation at Care on Monday. I am nervous about the change but will quickly relax once its done. I have certainly gone from one extreme to the other with Care. I have never seen so many policies and procedures. But that is what SAS was missing, so no complaints.

To much has gone on in the past several days to even start telling you all of it. I promise, you don't want to hear all of it any way.

A few things of note worthiness; Hunter and the band did well in the Childersburg parade on Thursday night. Hunter and I spent the day yesterday together running errands and going to look at things Hunter has requested for Christmas for his hunting bow. We ended the day with Christmas tree sales and home for dinner. It felt good to have some time with him. I look forward to more over the next couple of weeks.

I will keep you advised of the event of the next few days.


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