Monday, December 24, 2007

On the day before Christmas, all is quite. Alot of creatures stiring, especially Jeff

Good Morning and Merry Christmas.

It is early Christmas eve here at TCC (0640 to be specific). Amy and Hunter rode into work with me to go visit the Rogers and do some last minute shopping. Amy a nor Hunter slept last night. I got 3 hours sleep. But this afternoon and tomorrow are rest and relaxation days. I look forward to some time with my family.

Amy and I did some shopping yesterday and I think got finished, at least I hope so. It was good to have some time with just Amy and I. We had a good time. If I have never told you, I hate shopping or maybe I just hate crowds of rude people.

Anyway, Here is a picture of the Drum that I did for Hunter as a bedside table.It really turned out well I think. As I was doing it things changed from my original plan. I cut a piece of wood that fit tight to go under the head and then Hunter had this head that his friends had signed that we put on it instead of painting the wood. It made it look more real. Then we had some glass cut to protect the head. the legs are bought from HD and painted. It does not have a bottom head on it but the ring is screwed in so it looks like it is holding a head and the snares are on the bottom. It is pretty cool for a drummer table. I have 3 bass drums now that I am going to do something with for his room. Probable shelves. Can't wait to get to work on them.

I am also going to share this picture of the jewelry box Amy made for my friend at the Humidor Room. it is a gift for his mom. He gives me all the cigar boxes for Amy to use. She makes some beautiful keep sake boxes out of them.

And lastly for today, a few pictures of Amy's foot warmer - Archy

For more pictures, go to the Picasa link to the right side.

Have a good Christmas.


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