Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas is near. So Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone,

Hello to all. It has been a long week for me, so I will bring you up to date. I last left you on Monday night/Tuesday Morning from TCC. Well guess where I am now. Yes I am at TCC.

Tuesday was a long day. I left TCC at 0730 hrs and headed home. I slept for about 3 hours till I had to go meet with the Sheriff about the Tractor Cruise. It went good and very fast, but we have his support. After that I stopped by and chatted with the new band director for a while. Amy and I went to the Christmas party for the WHS staff that night. I went real well and I enjoyed it very much. It was at Mrs. Head's home which is very country nice home.

Wednesday, Amy had to work, so Hunter and I slept in somewhat. We got up and went to the school to get Hunters drum for the holidays. He and I had some conflict due to him missing some drum sticks. Anyway, while we were discussing responsibility, Sycamore was paged out on a fall. It was a interesting call. One of the students from Winterboro was going down a stair way into a cellar and the whole stair way collapsed and he fell in. We had to get ladders into the home to get down to him, than board and basket him to be able to lift him out with ropes and us pushing from below. He hurt his back but will be OK. When Amy got home, We all went to Alex City. Amy was dropped at Wal mart and Hunter and I went to Sure Shot to get his bow serviced and get new broad heads for his arrows and make sure his draw length is OK. We then had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays in Alex city. When we got home, Amy helped me get packets ready for the mayors of Childersburg and Sylacauga for meetings tomorrow. We were in bed early.

Thursday started with me meeting Daren in town at 0830. We went to Childersburg and to Sylacauga to meet with the mayors about he tractor Cruise. Both meetings went well, but Sylacauga seems to really want to get involved and help host the riders as they pass threw. We have to now go to the city council meetings in both towns and we have been put on the agendas for both in January. After that, I went to Care for more orientation. I rode there till midnight. Let me tell you what, I went from no structure to a lot of structure. I think I will work well in their system. We will see. I love the tablet PC for doing the patient report. I cant wait ill it is fully in place. We ran several interesting calls and got to show my skills quite a bit to my FTO. He released me to work on my own now and I have my first shift on the 28th. (For you medics out there, one of my calls was a 34 yo man in v-tach with a pulse and talking to me even with a few syncope episodes but converting in and out on his own several times. Amioderone finally got it stopped and he was going to his cardiologist on his own. He had had his internal defib sensitivity reduced the day before, I think it was set too low LOL.

Friday brought about another shift at TCC from 1030 to 1030. I had to go to SAS before going in to get my check and cash it to get it deposited since SAS did not direct deposit it for the 4 th time in a row. At TCC, it was a busy day. I don't remember it being this busy in a while. I got off about 1115 pm. I slept here at TCC. Let me do a product endorsement for a minute; Mom bought an AERO Bed a while back. Amy had told me that it slept well, but I was not prepared. When you do not want to get up from sleeping in the floor, that says it is comfortable. I would recommend it to any one. Not for outside, cause I can see that there would be no insulation and you would be cold from the ground. But for an extra bed at home, GOOD PRODUCT. Anyway, I slept good and now am back at work at TCC for a 0730 to 1930 shift. I am ready to go home, but doing OK.

Tomorrow, Amy and I have to finish shopping. Hunter will stay with my mom and dad. I work again Monday morning, so I will update you then and talk to you before Christmas.

Till Monday,


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