Thursday, December 6, 2007

The move is on !

Hello everyone,

I finally reached the point of breaking at SAS over the weekend. So I have resigned from there with my last day being the shift of December 16th. It was on of the hardest things I have decided in along time. I can't tell you how much I put myself threw making the decision. I am so blessed to have the family support I have and all the advice they have given to me. Amy has helped me so much and held me up. Of course, I did not feel that the management even cared that I was leaving, which did not surprise me. I think all of you that read this know that i has not been good at SAS for some time. I just can not believe that my manager tried telling me about loyalty when he has been so did loyal to us and non supportive to us for so long. All he had to do was to be there and show interest in the company and we would all have been more patient. But that did not happen, so we now look for options.

I made my choice to resign and accept employment with a company by the name of CARE. They are based in New york with the Alabama base of operations in Montgomery. I will be working out of the Talladega office for now, but they are planning on placing a unit into the Southern end of Talladega county soon and I will be working that unit. A unit could actually be based close to Sycamore before to long and that would be great. I will keep you up to date as things progress in the process.

Besides that, We got a new band director in place on Tuesday of this week. I have not meet him yet, but he seems eager to do the job. We will support him as much as possible.

Not much more to tell you for now. I continue to work on WEF Tractor Cruise stuff along with band and PTSA projects in my spare time. The family is decent. Hunter got into some trouble and has D hall this afternoon which of course he also got in trouble at home for. Amy and I just continue to work and volunteer to much.

Talk to everyone soon,


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EMS Action said...

Congratulations on the new job, Jeff. I see CARE around town from time to time. I'll keep any eye out for you.

Stay safe!