Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome to 2008 from Jeff

Hello and Happy new year!

I have started my new year in my normal spot, Yes I am at TCC for the 0630- 1430 shift. I hope all of you had a good and safe New Years evening. Ours was quite and boring. Amy did laundry and Hunter and I watched TV- mostly ESPN to see the world record motorcycle jump. I laid down just a few minutes into the new year for a nap before heading to work this morning.

I sure am hoping that 2008 brings good events for us all. I hope that my job here at TCC will progress to full time and that I can make life easier for the family. I wish the best for all of you also.

Not much has happened over the last few days. My first shift with Care went good. We were steady but not to busy. Then the next two nights, I have pulled the midnight shift here at TCC. I am sleep deprived today tyring to transition from nights to days but will catch up in the next few days. Hunter leaves in the morning for a 3 day hiking trip with the scouts. We have to finish packing him this afternoon. Amy starts back at the school on Thursday. So I guess the holidays are over, not that I noticed there being a holiday period much. I know that I am ready for a true vacation here pretty soon. I hope we can plan something for the spring. It probably wont be much, but anything to get away for a few days would be good. Amy and I have been wanting to cruise, so maybe we can find a last minute deal or something. Who Knows.

Well, I just took a flight for the Children's team so I better go and follow it.

Tell next time,


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