Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The first week of 2008 has been Busy

Hello everyone,
Its been a few days since I talked with you. I have been none stop since the new year began. Ill give you a quick run down.

Tuesday the 1st; worked TCC, I think this is where we left off last time.

Wednesday; I slept in for awhile, then got up a did some stuff around the house. I went in front of Childersburg City Council that evening to get support for the Tractor Cruise. It went well and they passed the resolution giving us support and use of the city name for publication. As soon as I got home, I got called in to work at Care due to someone getting hurt, so I headed up to Talladega and had a decent night on the ambulance.

Thursday; I did not do much of anything it feels like. I had a physical for some life insurance I am renewing and then went and had Lunch with the SA crews that I used to work with. I went to the school and worked on the WEF file cabinet. Amy and I had dinner that evening and rested.

Friday; I worked at TCC that morning shift. On my way home , I stopped at Best Buy and got a router and Ethernet card so that I could get Hunters PS3 online. Hunter got home from his camping trip about 7 that evening (Hungry and Cold of course) but we went home and got him fed and warm and most of all clean. I worked on getting the router set up for almost 5 hours before giving up and calling support. Of course he had me up and running in about 15 minutes. He was a great support person from Bangalore India.

Saturday; I went to work at Care to work at the MX track. The picture up top is on from the finish. There are a lot of pictures on Picasa from the event. so check them out. The rest of the evening was used to relax.

Sunday; I did nothing that I can remember except relax. That is a rare thing. But it felt good.

Monday; I puller a 9-6 shift at Care. Had a good shift. We then had band boosters and went to dinner before getting home late. Amy and I had to get some stuff done for the Tractor cruise presentation to Sylacauga City council and get some EMT refresher certificates printed.

Tuesday; Back to TCC at 6:30 am. I sure wish I had know what I was getting into there. We cleaned from ceiling to floor while multiple people worked on putting in a new work station in preparation for the State Trauma Committee to come on Wednesday. It looks like a new place. I did not get off till 4:30 pm. I had to rush to Sylacauga to get some RX refilled before they closed at 6 pm. Then I had a Sycamore Fire Department meeting. I sure wish I could figure out what is going on in the department. It feels as if it is falling apart from the inside. I hope it gets better. We went and got a late dinner due to me getting off late and the meeting. Then Amy had to help me get more stuff done for the WEF meeting announcements so they could be mailed today. In other words, I did not get but 3 hours sleep again.

So now I am at TCC again for a 6:30-2:30 shift. I am tired. I sure hope tonight goes as planned and I get to bed early. I have another shift at Care tomorrow and they are calling for severe weather most all day. Then back to TCC Friday. I will try to up date you then if all goes well.

Visit the pictures on Picasa and have a good day.


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