Sunday, October 26, 2008

A song for Amy

Hello everyone,

Today has been a day that I have been on one of the roller coasters that I have been riding for the last few weeks. Amy decided that some time for us to breath and think was in order. I understand what she is saying, but that does not make it any easier for me. I don't think it is easy for her either, but she has the edge of understanding her thoughts that I do not have.

As most of you to know, I am a music person anyway. As I have been listening to my i-pod or radio, I have found several songs that I identify with right now. The song with this blog page is one that says a lot of what I am feeling in words that I identify easily. I have several more that I am hanging onto right now. I have already used a couple in previous blogs, but still keep coming up with more. I have made a playlist of these songs for Amy, and once she has listened to them and we talk, I will post this playlist to the side of my blog to share with you also. I feel it important that we have a chance to talk about the meaning of them before I share them.

I do have a playlist to the right side of the blogs of songs that I like right now. But these are not specific to Amy or our situation.

Last night was Homecoming at Winterboro. The Bulldogs were victorious and everyone seemed to have a good night. I worked for the band boosters by frying french fries. I never heard how we did as far as money, but I know the kept busy. After the game, there was a dance and Amy was asked to be a watch dig for "dirty dancing" so she asked me to help. I floated around and helped keep eyes on students. Again, everyone seemed to have a good time, except for Hunter. I wish he could learn that his dad's ways of being grumpy are not the best way. I sure have struggled with it all my adult life, but I hate that he has it. He should have had a blast instead of not.

I don't think it took to much to get me to go to sleep after the day I had, but it was still not easy with the feelings stirring in me of what was happening and how can I fix it. I guess my sleeping aid kicked in and I went down. Unfortunately, I awoke about 10 to 10:30 and my mind cranked right up. I decide about 11 that I could still sleep almost 6 hours before getting up for work, so I took another aid to sleep. Sometime this afternoon, Amy and Hunter showed up to get some things from the house and about scared the crap out of me. When they had gotten whatever they came to get, I finally was fully out of my stupor from the pills. I knew I could not take another and perform tonight here at TCC, So I just got up and tinkered around. I did some laundry and gathered some cans up for recycling. I then got ready to leave for work and went ahead and left to make some stops along the way. The first stop was for something I have not done in along time, but had a craving for a good cigar for tomorrow, so I stooped at "The Humidor Room" in Inverness for a sinful treat. I then stopped at the book store and picked up "Brisingr" by Christopher Paolina. This is the third book of three in this series. I look forward to seeing what happens. I then went up to the Apple store to see if they had any suggestions on how to get Hunter's i-pod back running. He would have gotten a new one had he keep better care of it. It was still under warranty but due to it having 5 dents in the back if it, they consider it to be abused and would not cover the damage because that is what caused the failure. I have an extended warranty threw Wal-Mart, but it has to be sent off and we will see what they say. I then was so hungry from sleeping all day and not having a dinner last night. I decided that I would splurge just a bit and went by Dreamland for some ribs. This was out of budget, but I figured that it served as 3 meals and that would add up to the cost of the ribs. They were good, but I'm sure Hunter and Amy would have loved to have gone with me. So now it is 0337 in the morning and I sit here writing to you. I think it is time to close out and try to read in my new book.

Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers that we can find the peace and happiness that was lost.

Love to all of you,


P.S. - I did put some new pictures from the Pell City Compitition in the "Picasa" link. I now have a ton of more room to bring you pictures for a long time. You can just click on the picture of Hunter to go there.

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