Friday, October 17, 2008

I've got a date

Hello everyone,
I am so excited, but with some reservation, I have a date for delivery of my Smart. They are now showing a delivery date to Crown Automotive for January 4, 2009. It can still move ether direction, but at least there is a date. I can not wait.
Guess where I am, yes Tcc or as it is now know ATCC ( Alabama Trauma Communications Center). We are growing to be state wide and the state has renamed us. The good thing is that we are now state funded. I work 10:30 a to 10:30 p today. I will miss going to the away game tonight, but we have competition tomorrow in Pell City. For those that want to come see the band and support the kids and Grayson, we perform at 12:40 p. It is at Pell City High School.
I have been a busy bee for the last two days. I don't know what I would have done without the 2 days off. I spent both days doing projects that needed done. I took the tractor to the shop and got it fixed where they messed up last time. I got my car checked and found the noise I keep hearing and thank goodness that it is not a big deal. The rest of the time, I worked around the shop and in the yard. I have been refinishing a desk for Amy for several months now. I have most of the paint on it. All to do now is add a couple more layers of top coat on the top surface to make it durable and smooth than put the legs on it. It is an antique school desk. I don't remember where I stumbled upon it, but the legs had been sitting in water and had rotted more than half off.the top part was in great shape except for multiple layers of old paint and a lot of gum stuck under it. It is a neat desk with a full size table top with 2 drawer cubbies under it on each side. Anyway, I painted a coat here and a coat there for the last two days in between working in the yard. I don't know what it is about cutting grass that makes me relax, but It was good therapy for me. I am sore today, but that will go away.
The family reunion is at the farm on Saturday while we are gone to the band competition. Kelly will finish a few small things today and the yards are ready for the visitors to have a beautiful day on the lawn.
I will post video from the competition as soon as I can Sunday or Monday.
I hope everyone has a good weekend.

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