Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mid October and getting close to all the fun events

Hello to everyone,

Its Tuesday morning as I sit here at TCC for the second day in a row. Don't take me wrong, I like doing back to back shifts. It gets them out of the way. I could see how if I could stack all 3 shifts for the week, I would and then have the other 4 to do whatever with. I stayed with ma and pa Rogers last night. They seem to be doing good.

Not much to tell you about right now.

This week seems to be a long week for Amy and I will do what I can to support but not get in the way. I plan on working around the house for the next couple days and help get ready for the family reunion at the farm this weekend. I am also going to attempt to paint the desk I have been refinishing for Amy to use a t Sycamore School and get it put together. I don't want to rush it and it takes all I can not to. I want to paint it and let it sit for several days before assembling it so that the paint can be a hard as possible to be durable. I think I will also spray the top with a polyurethane to help it last a while. I have to work this Friday and will miss going to the away game with the band. They travel to Nogasulga down close to Auburn. I will get to go to the competition in Pell City on Saturday. They are working hard to be the best they can be for this competition. I invite any of you to come out and support the band at competition. I will update a time of performance later in the week.

The Tractor Cruise is getting closer now and I am so nervous that the participation is going to be low. I am going to make it the funnest day possible for who ever shows up.

We have been invited to a Halloween party the night of the 1st that promises to be a fun event since you have to be in costume to get in. I can't wait. Just hope I can stay out of trouble. LOL.

Well, I will let you know more later.


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