Thursday, October 23, 2008

Say What you Need to Say

Hello to everyone,

I hope everyone finds themselves living there lives in truth and honor to self. I have found out that for years I have been stuffing feelings to the back and living a unhappy life that did not honor myself and especially my family. Even with the things that effect the lives of the three of us in our family, I have had to come to grip that I did not handle the events real well for many a year now. So now I struggle to figure out how to become honorable to myself which in turn will honor all those that I come to deal with, weather family, friends, co-workers, or even a stranger.

As I put the video on the top of this, This song says a lot about how I feel right now. For those that have not scene the movie "The Bucket List", it is a must see along with "Pursuit of Happiness". I wish that you would take the time to see these.

I am not going to go into all that is going on at my house right now due to the complexity of the situation. But I will tell you that it has been a hard week and will take some time to bring it back to a comfortable state.

I thank all of you that have been affected by the situation and supported Amy and I and continue to do so. Please keep us in your prayers.

As far as other things that have gone on or are going on. The band had competition in Pell City on Saturday. They did a great job. Rodney scored a 1 and got best in class. We would have liked to have scene better scores across, but were pleased with the performance and scores over all.

I still am getting ready for the big Tractor Cruise next weekend. I will be relieved when it is over. Amy continues to do her thing at the school and is growing in confidence like I have not scene in along time. She has also lost weight and is looking real good. Hunter is a 15 year old . rebelling teenager that is driving us crazy. I just wish I could break threw to him and make him understand that his action cause our actions of discipline and concern. HE told us last night that if we did not bug him about his homework he would do it, but he did not turn in two assignments so we had to step in. Its a vicious cycle.

Well , I am going to attempt to do an upgrade on my picture link during the day to day to get more storage and I have a lot of pictures to upload for you to see. I will let you know when they are online.


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