Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It official, I'm a UAB Employee

Hello to everyone,

I know that the title confuses you since I have worked for almost 3 years now here at TCC, but as of today, I am off probation and am an official UAB Hospital employee. I was worried after bombing my review test, but made a good interview and pulled threw. It does not mean a lot of change for me other than I can now us my benefits of time off and discounts for education for me and the family.

Yes I am sitting here at my desk at TCC for tonight. I worked Still Waters yesterday and last night. We have staff meeting tomorrow morning then some errands. Amy has got me going to Brookwood Village tonight to stand in line and get a number for getting in line on Thursday to meet an author and get him to sign some books. The books are for the library at the school. I do not know who he is, so do not ask.

Nothing much to report on. All I do is work, work on the tractor cruise and sleep. Oh and do Band stuff! The band did well on Saturday at competition, but did not score as well as they should. It was a great day for them and they got to see some great bands. Maybe the scores will be better on the 18th. I personally can not wait till the season is over.

Amy and I are still battling the colds or whatever illness we have. I am so tired of coughing and wheezing.

Well, as most of you know, Hunter turns 15 this Friday. OH MY, I am feeling old. It will be good to have a chauffeur for the year, but scary as well. I will let you know how that is going.

For now, see ya,


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DAVE911 said...

I remember when Matt and Wes started driving. Good luck! You'll need it. Although, they're both good drivers now.