Monday, November 12, 2007

Weather station is up and online

Good morning everyone,

I have had a great weekend and I hope that you have too. Friday, after I talked with you, I went and took a nap at the Rogers than back to TCC. We had a very slow night. Hunter and I got up early the next morning and headed to the abc3340 weather Xtream class. It was at the car show in B'ham. I really enjoyed it and Hunter seemed to get a lot from it also. We are now advanced storm spotters for Alabama Skywarn/NOAA. We did get to go to the car show free (thank goodness it was free, cause it was very disappointing). We stopped at Hooters for Lunch on the way home. I guess I am really starting to realize that he looks at girls (women) more than I think. That scares me! Anyway, after that we headed to the school for the Ms. Winterboro Pageant. Amy helped with the decorations and organization. I was asked to run the sound board. It went well, but once again, I realize that Hunter is growing up. His girlfriend Heather was a contestant. When her interest were read, one of them was "spending time with my boyfriend Hunter". I about barfed! Sunday was pretty relaxing with sleeping in and not much projects or stuff done. It was nice. We laid around last night and watched the movie "SICKO" by Micheal Moore. I would encourage everyone to watch it. It will really make you think about what is going on with or health care system. I may move to Cuba, Britain, Canada or France to take care of my family. It will make you mad when he shows that the people of CUBA get better medical service than we do with better equipment and at no cost. When they showed the ambulance and fire trucks in Cuba, I was shocked to see equipment we dream of in the ambulance and how clean the ambulance was.We have been lied to for our whole lives about how bad the health care systems of those other countries are. We need a new government system.

Well, I will get off my soap box now and get to work. Yes, I am again at TCC this morning. I get off at 2:30 pm. and look forward to going home to have a little more time with Amy and Hunter who are at home due to the holiday.

Talk to You later.

P.S. ; There is a new link to the Right side bar. It replaced the weather that I was putting in. It is a link to my weather station and keeps its self updated. You can also click on it and it will open to a full station detail with current data and history.

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