Saturday, November 17, 2007

Band in kaos, WEF bussiness never ends but was off two days

Hello everyone,

Yes I am still alive and well, even though I have not filed you in for the week. I am again sitting at TCC and it is real busy, so forgive me if I seem spaced out.

This week has been both good and bad for me and my family. The good was that I was actually off two days in a row and got to rest and spend some time with Amy and Hunter. I enjoyed it a lot. The bad is the chaos at the school. We officially have no band director after she has been MIA for over a month. I wish I knew what happened? We have just been told that she resigned and the search for a new director will start. This does not make me feel good. We have put so much into this year and Hunter wants to play so bad. Then there is the WEF and all of its business which seems to be in a mess on one hand and becoming better on the other. And then on top of that, the VFD seems to be having another spell of personal conflicts that drags the department down so fast. I am beginning to question how many of these things I can handle at one time.

I feel guilty when I think about backing off of the "volunteer" position at the VFD, but I want more time for my family and myself. But is it wrong of me to not volunteer at the VFD with my skills or to pick and choose when I am going to respond and when I am not. I struggle with the fact that if someone close to me needs help, I want others to be able to respond. So I feel that I should do the same for the people of the community. But it is clear that other members do not treat it the way I do, so way do I worry? I don't think there is a way to win.

As far as the band and the WEF, I do those to try and help the school for Hunter. But as Amy tells me all the time, I do them for me more than Hunter. I do enjoy doing for them most of the time. I just wish the drama around them was different. It is not necessary at all. I sure hope we can land on our feet with a new director before to much time has passed and the kids miss getting to do all-county or all-state tryouts. Its going to make it hard for them to be competitive.

Well I do not have much more to tell you and my brain is in overload from the week, so I do not wish to go threw day by day with you. I did manage to get the power to my shop hooked up and on along with some organization of it done. And most of all, got to be at home a couple of days with my family. So it has been a good week, despite all the drama.

Till next time,


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