Friday, November 9, 2007

Long Hours with Little Sleep

Good morning folks,

Its about 5:30 on Friday morning. I am working TCC an a 7:30p to 7:30a shift. I figure I will update a little about the last few days. I left you on Monday evening. So it wont take long to bring you up to speed. I went in early at 7 am at SAS on Tuesday morning and worked till 8 am Thursday morning. We did not have real busy shifts but just enough to mess sleeping up. Nothing exciting happened, just two boring days at my favorite place (LOL). I got off and went home, took me a sleep aid and slept till Amy and Hunter got home. Got up and got ready to come to TCC for tonight's shift. It has been a slow shift here. We did have a bad shooting early in the shift but since then, it has been sparse. I did finish the 3rd season on Emergency on DVD. I am headed to the Rogers to nap when I get off and have to be back at 2:30 this afternoon. So like I said, Not much to tell you about for the past several days. But you are up to date.

Love, Jeff

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