Monday, November 5, 2007

Football season is over but still can't get a day off

Hello everyone,

I am again sitting here at TCC and able to update you on the affairs of my life. I left you on Wednesday with nothing new to tell. It been busy since, so here goes.

Thursday, back to SAS. Nothing really to tell about that place other than I am so ready to get out of there. I do not understand how a company can go so badly wrong.

Friday, I was off during the day but had a list a mile long of stuff I wanted to do. I got home and did a lot of work on the tractor till I of course broke the fuel filter off the tractor. I decided to go ahead and get cleaned up that I could run to Talladega to get the part I needed so that if I ran late I could be ready when Amy and Hunter got home. I did make it back and got the tractor running just as they got home. We got ready to go do the last football game for the year. We are so ready for it to be over. The game actually went better than expected. Ms. Street was still out, so Buster substituted as band director. I did not even pull the trailer due to my truck problems. So I sat with Amy for most of the game. We got home late and tired as usual.

Saturday, I slept in a little, then headed in to TCC. We had a busy shift, so I did not even open my blog. Sorry you guys had to wait a few extra days for some info.

Sunday, Back to SAS. We were busy during the day but slept all night. Again, I will tell you that I live getting paid overtime and sleeping all night. It may be the only justice I do get at that place.

So now I am to today. I go toff late from SAS due to a late call. Went home, cleaned up and headed back to town. I had to go get my tags renewed since I forgot they were due in October. I then went to WHS and had lunch with Amy. It was good old lunchroom food (It actually was good). I then headed to work and am to the present time.

I have updated the Picasa link on the right side column with some new pictures. Yes Mrs. Rogers, this is were you will find the ones you want (look in Rogers family pictures). Hope everyone enjoys the pictures.

Talk to you later,


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