Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wish I was fishing

Hello to everybody,

How I wish I was in the waters at Costa De Cocos fishing. That is where the picture at the top of my page was taken. In the shallow, beautiful blue waters between Mexico and Belize. Hunter and I fished there a couple years ago, and I so want to go back there instead of being here.

I did not get to write last night, so I thought I would catch you up tonight. As you know from my previous post, I switched back to night shift last night. It went good and slow. I got off late but made it home OK and hit the bed hard. Now I sit here at home, trying to get sleepy so that I can work tomorrow. But since I slept till 4 pm, It is going to be hard. Glad I don't drive at Care tomorrow. But I will make it.

I had a interesting day today that I will share with you. Just as my alarm went off at 4 this afternoon, the radio went off for a medical call here in Sycamore. As we were responding, we got canceled. I had just gotten back in the door good when the dispatcher came across the radio and asked if any one in the department was willing to go mess with a snake in a home. Scott answered her and said that he would go, I immediately, also told Scott that I was responding. Scott had gone on to the house and I stopped at the FD to pick up a CO2 extinguisher to freeze the snake if it was poisonous. I arrived to find everybody gathered around on the back porch with a Rat snake in the corner. I wrangled the snake out the door and got him picked up to take away. He was about 4 feet long or so and in good health. I'm sure he was just hunting some place cooler. I brought him here to the farm and let it go in the back field to find some more rats. When I was leaving to go to the snake call, I noticed Mrs. Barnett pulling up at Grand mom's. So when I got back and got my hands washed I headed up the hill to see her and Grand mom. She was getting ready to leave, but I got a hug in. Mom mentioned to me that Mrs. Barnett was having trouble with her tractor. I told her I would run over and see what it was doing. I hugged Grand mom and then headed to Mrs. Barnett's. I found that the alternator had seized up causing the tractor belt to not turn and there for not letting the tractor turn over or run. I removed it and am going to pick up a new one tomorrow and stop on my way home and put the new one on for her.

I then headed to the FD meeting that I sure did not want to go to. It went about as expected with some feeling mixed in with rational thoughts. I know in the long run, it will run its course and come back around. But till then, it going to be rough going. I sure will keep an open mind and pray for the well being of every person involved and for the department. I ask that you join me in my prayer.

After the meeting, I got something to eat and got home to just have to go back out the door for another medical call with the FD. I then came home and did some cleaning around the house and got a shower. And that brings me to know, at almost 1 in the morning, needing to get some sleep but not sleepy. So I will leave you for now and try to lay down for a nap. I will talk to you in a couple days.


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