Thursday, June 19, 2008

another long June night

Good evening or good morning to all,

I get them confused more than I keep them straight anymore. Hunter thinks I am crazy cause I always say good morning in the afternoon. But That is when it is morning to me. I actually think I am getting used to this crazy schedule, but can't say yet that I like it. I of course sit here at TCC this early morning while waiting on 6:30 to get here so I can get home and get a nap.

Hunter and I have some work to do this afternoon to repair the satellite cable and possibly work on some drums. I hope to get some relax time also tonight. I unfortunately have to go get a shot at the Dr office this afternoon to. I know that it is not a big deal, but it just the thought of getting stuck. But if it will make me feel better, it's worth it. I'll let you know soon.

Not much to tell you about, so I will stop not making since and talk to you later.


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