Friday, June 13, 2008

A load off Hunter's back

Hello to everyone,

As you can see, We have gotten Hunter a stand for his Tenor Drums. This will take a big load off his back next week during Drum camp and then during practice and season. I hope that the band is able to come threw and purchase stands for all the drums for the line, but we wanted Hunter to have one for the camp. So when the school gets them, Hunt will have is own for at home. It will be much better on him and on the drums. Also, some of the stickers from Pearl came in so that the drums we are redoing will look awesome and just like new. Jason at Gadsden Music got Pearl to give them to us, so that was great. I will send some pictures as we get them done.

I had a good day yesterday at Care, only ran one call. Talk about some easy money! The only problem is that I was unable to keep myself going all night and fell asleep, there for I did not rest a lot today. So I will be a zombie tomorrow.

TCC so far has been busy tonight. I guess it makes it go by faster, but I would not mind it slowing a little. Not much to tell you other than that, SO I will check back later.


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Sycamore Fire and Rescue said...

Jeff can i get your email. This is Scott. I have missed placed it and this is the only way i know to contact you. Thanks