Sunday, June 15, 2008


Hello to Everyone and a special Hello to my father,

It is now late in the evening of Father's Day 2008. I sit here at TCC as normal. I has been a slow Father's Day for me with me working and coming in late last night and sleeping till late into the afternoon today. As I left for work, I headed up the hill to wish my father a happy Father's Day. I was slightly down due to the fact that I had not found a gift that I thought my father could use or needed. I do not like to by token gifts if it is not meant or from the heart. So I went into the home to find him on the computer doing something and gave him a hug and a verbal wish of the day "Happy Father's Day". I explained to him that I had not bought anything and as I knew he would, he told me not to worry about it. Well dad, I do worry about it. You have always been there for me and my family and I wish I could do so much for you and mom to say thank you for all that you do for us. I love you so much and have learned how to be a man from you and feel that I fall so short of being a father compared to you. So as I sat thinking about it. I do want to give you a gift, but it is the gift of my gratitude for you and all that you have shown me and taught me threw the years. And by the way, thanks for my fathers day gift from you guys, I do wish you would not do so much sometimes. I love you both.


Amy and Hunter are home from Georgia and I am happy they are. I am not around a lot, but I still miss them when they are not close. This week will be no different with me working a lot, but I hope to get to work with Hunter on the drum some and help him get ready for the two camps he has coming up the next two weeks.

For those that are interested, here is my schedule for the week: Sunday - TCC night, Monday - off day, Tuesday - Care 24, Wednesday - TCC night, Thursday - off, Friday - Care 24, Saturday - TCC night

I have to go to the Traffic Court in the morning here in Birmingham and pay my ticket. I can not believe that I even have one. For those that don't know, I got a ticket for supposedly running a red light. IT WAS YELLOW, but the officer did not see it that way. So it will cost me $133. I tried talking to the officer with no result, so I figure I should just pay it rather than take a day off work to go to court and then still probably pay it plus loose a days pay. I don't like it, I did nothing wrong. Oh well.

I will talk to everyone later,


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kimberley said...

Hi Jeff-we went to high school together (i am now in S. georgia) and some friends who never have even seen Pelham told me about your blog-have been reading for some time before realizing who you were.. Anyhow, "Thanks So Much Dad" got to all of us. We were all in tears. Keep up the good work and hope to see you at the 20yr reunion.
Kimberley (Clark) Skinner