Friday, March 28, 2008

Hay fever has struck in the White house

Hello to everyone,

Yes, hay fever is swepping its way threw the two households of the White's. Hunter and Nana have ear infections, I have a sinus iritation and the polen just keeps coming. We need a ggo, hard rain sower to wash some of it away.

Other than that, it has been a decent week around here. Not much to report other than work. I have worked all week to get the money for the band presented and get the State of Alabama DPS to issue a OK for the Tractor Cruise. Niether have been successful, but looking good. Work has been real busy and we are going to start our new schedule this coming week. I sure hope it regulates it out and I can settle in and not be running at such a radid rate.

I sure hope I can find some Turkey Hunting and Fishing time. I realy want to get out some this spring.

The tractor is in the shop for its spring physical. The grass is growing fast, so it will be working hard soon.

t has gotten real busy here, so I'm cutting this short.


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