Saturday, April 5, 2008

Stormy weater and I am getting old

Hello to everyone,

It is an early Saturday morning here at TCC. Yesterday was full of events to tell you all about. My day yesterday started with a early morning Dr. Visit for a follow up on a high blood pressure issue that UAB is worried about. So I hate to tell you, but it is official, I AM OLD. I was placed on BP meds and told to watch my intake of caffeine. I ran a ton of errands after that. When I went to leave Wal-mart, we were put under a Tornado warning that was coming out of Shelby County toward Childersburg. I ran up 280 toward Childersburg to see if I could catch it. I DID! I chased the storm system all the way into Talladega reporting to EMA as I went. Never got a funnel, but had good wall cloud and up drafts. After losing my chase due to traffic in Talladega, I went back to Winterboro to help them get the kids on the buses and home in between systems. After getting home. the family was sitting watching the TV and live radar while I was on the weather blogs talking to all my weather watcher buddies. Another storm came into the county from Shelby county and was headed to Winterboro again. So Hunter and I got in the car and did another run up to Winterboro and caught some fairly decent pictures of the shelf cloud coming over and the rain shield coming threw. You can see some of the pictures Hunter took on the picture link to the right side of the blog. We relaxed after that and watched a movie before bed.

This week has been non eventful except for work. I say that and then remember that Amy had surgery on Monday afternoon for an impacted Wisdom tooth. She has done real well with it. It is just now starting too give her the soreness I have been expecting all week. But she did awesome with her recovery and only missed one day of work.

So, I have caught you up for the most part. I will talk to you later,


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