Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Week and stormy Weather

Good Morning to Everyone,

It has been another week since my last post. It is again Friday and again, the weather is to be bad. I don't know why on Fridays it seems to want to storm. Of course I am sitting here at TCC. I over slept this morning and again ran late. But it is better than yesterday when I received my first ever traffic violation ticket. Of course "I did not do it" but the officer did not see it that way. He says I ran a red light, but it was YELLOW and I never saw ant red during my time going under it. Oh Well. Just have to go to court and talk to the judge and see if I can explain it to him.

Not much to tell you about this week. Another busy week with work and stuff. I did get to finely go chase some Turkey, but no luck on getting one yet. The tractor is back home and cutting grass.

I have worked into overtime here at TCC again this week. That along with Tractor Cruise stuff going on, has made it for a non restful week. I work today then work Still Waters tomorrow. I then change to nights here at TCC on Sunday night and supposedly will have a couple days off next week. I of course have a ton to do, so it wont be a laid back week. I just hope I can catch up a little on the list of stuff I need to get done.

Talk to you later,
Jeffrey White

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