Sunday, March 16, 2008

Its Spring Break week

Hello to everyone,
It is Sunday and of course I am at TCC. I know I promised to be a better blogger, but it has been crazy around my place. I feel like i have not stopped moving for weeks till yesterday, and I would have been going yesterday if the rain had not forced me to do differently than planned.
I have had some events happen to bring you up to speed on, so here goes.
Most of my days have been work of course. I did have a eye Doctor appointment and another doctors appointment. Both went well and they did not tell me any bad news. As normal, the FD meeting was full of drama and lasted about an hour more than it should.

Hunter went to Montgomery on the Beta Club meeting Monday and Tuesday. He seemed to have a decent time and got into normal mischief of a14 year old. He is driving us crazy wanting to buy a drum set. So don't be surprised if he starts asking for donations towards his cause of getting one. He already wants to sell some of his older game systems and games to go toward it. I guess it is about time we start looking at him getting one.

On Wednesday afternoon, I got to get up in a helicopter and get some pictures of our property that I have wanted for several years. It just feel together that I was able to hitch a ride long enough to get them with a LifeSaver crew. They were in the Sycamore area for a call that got cancelled. You can go to my picture site on the R side bar and see all the pictures if you would like.

Yesterday was opening Turkey season, but when it was hailing and storming at 4:30 and time to go, it did not take me long to decide not to go and go back to sleep. I had been up for almost 48 hours and was tired. I actually slept till 6 pm. of course that messed me up and I have now been up since. I will go to bed early tonight.

We are having two family days out Monday and Tuesday for spring break, than I go back to work. Amy and Hunter are going to do some visiting (I think) and relaxing (I know).

I sure wish I was off more with them, but we will use the time we get wisely I hope.

I will talk to you later in the week and let you know how it is going.


Hunter got to fly for just aminute while he moved the helicopter from fuel to pad.

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