Monday, November 3, 2008

Tractor Cruise, Done for this year!

Hello Everyone,

Yes, its really over for awhile. I guess I will start working on next year in the summer. It went well, just wish we had more participation. Everyone had a good time. The picture above is all the participants at lunch in front of the sign that was pulled threw out the cruise with kids and teachers from the school riding. Joe ended up pulling the float since my tractor would not handle it at all. I hope to make a collaboration of pictures from everyone I can get them from and make a album. I will let you know when done.

After the cruise and cleanup. We headed to a throw down Halloween party. I can't tell you to much about it for the risk of ruining my reputation or incriminating myself. Lets just say that I had a good time but do not remember the getting home part. Thank god for Amy not drinking. I will post a picture of me in my costume of a Tequila Bottle for you to see. I wish there was a better one with the full head part on, but there is not. Unfortunately, It looked like a Tequila bottle from the front when you could see the logo, but Hunter made em take it off cause of what it looked like from the side and back which we can not mention on here where kids might be reading.OK, so stop laughing now. It was fun.

Not much else to report to you. No big changes have happened in the situation at hand. I may not say a lot on this about that for awhile so that we can have the privacy to work threw some issues without help from the peanut gallery. We thank all of you for your concerns and prayers. Please be patient and keep praying for us.

Love to Everyone,


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