Saturday, November 22, 2008

A long Thanksgiving week to come.

Hello to everyone,

I have been away from here for a couple weeks to let myself do some thinking about how I want to proceed with my blog or if I was going to even do it at all. I do enjoy working with it, so I have decide that I will do it when I feel the urge to do something on it. i know a lot of you use this to keep up with me and I will do my best to let you know what is up with me.

Since my last post, there has been a little progress made between Amy and I to a better understanding of feelings, or lack there of, and what each of us are looking for. I still pray for a resolve. I feel that we have both grown in understanding and respect of each others feelings. Still a lot to work on.

Hunter has stayed with me for the last couple weeks and we have had some good times. We went to the ABC 33/40 skywatcher program last weekend and re certified in our storm spotter for the year. If you watch ABC 33/40 and you see a weather advertisement where James talks and then the watchers are shown behind him, Hunter and I are to the very top Right side of the group.

Amy has not felt well in a couple weeks with a cold and then a stomach bug, butt seems to be doing better. She and Hunter are going to ATL for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I get to work night shifts this week and pull Wednesday threw Sunday morning straight threw. I am still hunting a part time job since Home Depot did not have any openings for me. I guess I will call around to some ambulance companies this coming week and see what is out there.

I do not have anything else for today. I will try to update you during the week.


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