Saturday, September 20, 2008

Meet the good reverend - Rodney

Hello to everyone,

I had every intention on giving you a big blog about life and all that is going on in my brain, But I just don't feel like it now.

Of course I sit at TCC on this Saturday. We are watching the tide roll over Arkansas right now. Our own Bulldogs did some rolling last night to a big win against Donaho School. Let me tell you, this year vs last year is a total different feel at the games. It is so enjoyable to have the band rocking the crowd and everyone having a good time. Mr. Lawrence (or Grayson to me) is doing a great job keeping the band active during the game and letting them get into it. For all that can, I would ask you to come see the band perform the half time show, especially in a couple weeks when they have finished it completely.

For those that don't know, the bands show is a southern gospel show and is great. I personally still get chills when they are doing Amazing grace and the the drum line kicks it in as the band makes a push forward bringing the chills to your skin. I, of course, enjoy hearing the drum line and watch Hunter play. But this single event during the show is so dynamic, you can not miss it. The band came off the field last night to the cadence that Hunter wrote and it made me so proud. As far as the good reverend shown above. This is Rodney, our drum major and the spirit of the band this year. HE enjoys doing his thing so much and it shows as he directs and dances on the podium. I look forward to the competitions when the crowd will be listening to the band more than they do at half time and I believe the crowd will be on their feet several times as this show and energy is delivered.

As far as Hunter goes, he is giving us fits. I sure hope it is just age. He is so smart, I hate to see him blow it. He has decided to audition for the Spirit of JSU Drum Corp on bass drum this year. I sure wish he could get on, I feel it would be good for him to get out and see the nation and be able to grow in his talent and as a person. It will be difficult for him at his age to make the Corp, but if he wants it, he can do it.

Amy has had a long week. She had to proctor the Alabama Graduation Exam Thursday and Friday. The first part of the week was just busy for her. She called a while ago and said she awoke not feeling well with a runny nose and sore throat. It is probable from the air last night at the game, it got cool and there was smoke from the grill blowing over us most of the game. She works tonight, so I hope she gets to feeling better.

As for me, I get off at 6:30 this afternoon and head home to hopefully get to bed early and catch some sleep. I work at Still Waters tomorrow for a 24. I am actually off 2 days this week (Monday and Wednesday) but then work 2 days back to back at TCC on Thursday and Friday. So I will stay with the Roger's on Thursday night. I hope to go get the Tractor from the shop on Monday and maybe bush hog the grass down some.

I did put some more pictures in the Band folder and the school folder today for those interested.

I guess I will cut my self off there for today and talk to you later. Have a good week.


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