Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday - AMY

Hello Everyone,
It is Monday night now and I sit here at TCC like normal. Has been a hard night and day for some reason, but we will get to that later.
On Wednesday the 27th, it was Amy's Birthday. I had to work at TCC during the day but still managed to get her a cake from Savage's. Even as careful as I was, it still feel apart somewhat before getting home (it did not affect its taste). Well anyway, Here birthday gift from Hunter and I was a horse riding lesson on Sunday the 31st at El Gezira Riding Academy in Harpersville. Amy had mentioned several times over the past years that she had never ridden a horse and wanted to try. So when she mentioned it again a few months ago. I was bound and determined to make it happened. I asked around to some friends of mine that raise horses but could not get a taker to teach her. So I called El Gizera and a lady named Pam said she would be glad to work with Amy. So Amy got almost two hours with a horse named Cody yesterday. She seemed to enjoy it a lot. I think it would be a good thing for her to do every so often, she got to groom Cody and take care of him along with ride. You can go to the picture link for more pictures from her day;
This week was also Mrs. Rogers Birthday. We meet the Rogers at Olive Garden yesterday for a dinner to visit and celebrate the two birthdays. Thanks for the dinner Hubert, I enjoyed mine. There are a few pictures in the Rogers Family Album from this dinner.
A lot has been happening since my last post, so I will try to catch you up somewhat.
As you know, Uncle LaVerne died and so we went to Atlanta to the funeral on the 19th of August. As sad as a funeral is, I found it a good feeling day due to seeing some of my nieces and nephew that I have not scene in forever along with their kids. There are some pictures from that also in the Rogers Family Albulm to the right column. I do wish to keep the Farr's in our prayers as they adjust to the loss of LaVerne.
Between the funeral and Amy's Birthday was just more of the same, WORK, WORK AND MORE WORK. I think that is all there is anymore.
I did get out and try to do some fund raising on Tuesday, but did not do to much bring it in. Friday brought the first change in my schedule for some time now. I got off from Care that morning and headed to Sylacauga to run some errands before going home. Got a hair cut and did some banking. When home, I worked on the pick-up to get it ready for band season this year. Dad helped me and we had a few hours of talk time as we worked. We got a new wiring plug installed on the truck so that it has a high amp. hot wire to go to the band trailer so that some outside flood lights can be put on to light the area when the students are putting up instruments. I hope to get those light sin and working tomorrow. After working on the truck, I got ready so that when Hunter and Amy got home we could run get some dinner and head to the school for Friday Night at the football game. We worked out butts off, let me tell you. We lost the game, But the band looked good for the first game out. The band s show is going to bring the house down when all finished and polished up. As we were going to leave the concession stand with a load of trash, that is when it went the wrong way for me. First, my hand got slammed in the truck door. Then as I was getting into the bed of the truck to throw out the garbage, I feel or slipped and ended up hitting the bed rails of the truck and the tailgate with various parts of my body. OUCH!!!!!. Well needless to say, I did not sleep well after getting home late and being so sore it was unbelievable. I got up at 4:45 and got ready for work as normal. But when I came in to tell Amy buy, she told me that there was no way I could go to work in the state I was in (this is what she tells me, cause I don't remember any of it). I apparently called in and went back to bed to awaken about 7 that night. I think I got up for a little while but right back to bed till Sunday. I feel a lot better now even with the soreness that lingers.
Between Hunter and I having mysterious illness or injury, that sums up the last couple of weeks. This week does not look to be as bad but it is just starting. I will let you know.
Till then,

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