Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hunter plays his pants off

Hello to everyone,

Last night we (Winterboro Blue Knights) were at Vincent. Hunter was in rare form, he was in a happy mode and played his pants right off. Watch the video and you will understand.

So you can see, Hunter was having fun. This drum number is one that Hunter wrote for the line this year. The Cheerleaders have made a dance to it and the band is picking up the dance also.

How do you like the picture of Hunter with his hair pulled up. He did not like it, but Amy and I did and everyone else did. I will upload more pictures from last night another time. I have to upgrade my account to get more room for pictures before I can. I will let you know when I do.

There is not much to catch you up on for this week. Just work and more work. Still working on getting last minute plans done for the tractor cruise. I bet you can not guess where i'm at today. yup, TCC.

Hope everyone is doing OK,


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