Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just another day!

Hello everyone,

Yes, I sit here at TCC in the middle of the night once again. I worked last night and then tonight again. I stayed in my second room at the Rogers last night so as to not have to drive so much and save some liquid gold. I got a great nap today and then got out to run some errands before work. First was Nextel to get Hunters phone put back together again. He goes threw flips like water. I guess he is going to start being a lot more careful since they told me that was the last time they would put a flip part on it without a $100 deductible. He and I are going to have to have an agreement on repair costs and he can be careful or do without. I also went by Hancock's To get some embroidery supplies to try and do the stole for the drum major (that is another story). I got some dinner or Breakfast in my case and headed to work. So far so good, RIGHT. Well that is where it became JUST ANOTHER DAY!

I am working with a co-worker that is either just plan lazy or does not care. Several of us have complained, but nothing seems to change him. When the boss says something to him, it gets better for a short time then back to the same old way. Well, tonight has been one of those nights were he has not helped. He even did not answer the phone when I was on the phone with Amy and knew it. I got MAD. I was dealing with a computer problem in Huntsville and a radio problem a Trinity while all of this was going on, he never bother to try to help. Well, the boss called to see if we had followed up on the radio problem and I told him that I had not had time due to the computer problem. He said "you have a partner, Don't you?" I think I said, "sort of" but can not really remember there was so much going on. He asked if he had helped me at all and I was reluctant to answer. He told me it was a yes or no answer, so I said no. He said he would handle the problem, so maybe something will be done. I just hate causing trouble, but I am tired of doing 80% of the work and he makes more than I do. I had even made a complaint about a week ago about this issue, so it was not the first time the boss heard it from me. Well, I decided that I would say something to him about making me put down the phone with Amy and answer the TCC line with him just sitting there. He said he did not hear it at first then said he knew it was for me about the computers, so he did not answer. I am just trying not to say anything to him now and get out of here in the morning.

Anyway, sorry for the venting, I just needed to tell the story .

Tomorrow is an away game at Fayetteville, so I will head home for a nap then get the band trailer clean and ready to go. I did not get the light in it this week but will before the next away game. As for the robe and stole story from earlier. The bands show this year is a southern gospel theme. So the secondary Drum Major wanted a robe and stole to wear as if he was a choir director or preacher (I don't know which). We at first got him a borrowed robe and stole from the church and they decided not to use it. When we lost the primary Drum Major, it was decided to go back with the idea. I was asked to help figure out a Blue Robe and White stole with some embroidery on it. We tried getting a several ways to get a gown and found several sites to order one from. But as with luck would have it, Mom ran across a representative from Balfour at church and he donated a nice Blue robe today and mom has already cut out a stole to be embroidered but then today made a back up stole for him to use tomorrow since the embroidered one is not finished. So I will get a picture tomorrow night of our "preacher". It is going to be great. And THANKS mom for all your help with this project. I will post pictures and story from the game this weekend when I return for Saturday and Sunday nights at TCC.

I am going to find something on the computer to watch and talk to you later.


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