Saturday, February 16, 2008

Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey - wow at the Turkeys

Hello to everyone and look at the sight of the spring Turkeys,

Can you believe this, spring toms strutting about. I nearly wrecked when I came over the hill and looked into this field to see five toms side by side. It was an amazing sight. These turkeys are in a field up from the house on HWY 21 and I see them about every day that I travel to Winterboro or to Talladega during the 8 to 9 am hours. But I have never scene them like this. I was on the way home from work at Care when I saw them the first time. I stopped and watched a few minutes. I then went home, got ready to go to TCC and decided to take my camera with me and went back to see if they were still there. As you can tell, they were. If you go to my picture link on the right bar, there is many more pictures. I could have stayed there all day. But as if they knew I needed to go to work, they let me take pictures a few minutes then decided to go over the hill and out of sight. As much as I would have loved to have followed them, I went on to work.

I am of course at TCC and it is Saturday the 16th. So that means I have failed everyone this week, so I will catch you up. Be prepaired for a long one.

I left you on Saturday of last week by telling you my schedule for this week. On Sunday, I did work TCC and Amy brought Hunter and meet me so we could go to the World of Wheels show. It was Ok, but nothing that just took my breath. Hunter enjoyed seeing a few of the tuner cars and for me it was the more classic cars or trucks (I secretly want to find a 70 modle chevy truck to restore). As we came out of the civic center, Children's Care Flight helicopter went over going to base. This is one of the new LifeSaver helicopters that Children's leases. I had not scene it yet, so we drove a couple blocks over to the base. Hunter did not believe me when I said we were going to look at the helicopters. We went to the door and right in and out to the pad. The two pilots for the day were securing and fueling for the next flight. So we got to look close at the helicopters and I talked awhile with the pilots. When we got in the car to go meet Amy, Hunter said " I thaught you were crazy when you said that you could just walk in, You really know everybody". I tought that was funny. He said he was bored while I talked to the pilots but I saw him looking close at the aircraft and he enjoyed it. He could not believe how small the pilots were but agreed that they have to be to fit into th flight control area of the aircraft. We headed from there to meet Amy at Moe's for dinner. Hunter got me to stop at the music shop so he could look at some drums on the way. (And I will gladly accecpt donations toward the drum set he wants at $6500.00). We then had dinner and went to Wal-mart on the way home.

Monday, For those of you that don't know, I an slightly over wieght. I started a diet today to attempt to lose about 130-150 pounds. It is a diet that Amy's doctor recomended and I think it is a good one for me. I will let you know soon. (Amy is supposed to be on it with me). I went to work at Care for what was supposed to be a day shift and the first one in Sylacauga. I actually went in early for some one but found out that the ambulance for the day shift had to be moved to a shift unit due to their unit blowing up the night before. So I ended up getting off at 11:45. I headed to the school to have lunch with Amy. I ended up there for the rest of the afternoon helping Amy try to get some laptops and a wireless roughter set up in her room. We did not get them working but oh well. I ran into town to do some banking before they closed. Amy and I decided over the weekend to use some Christmas and Birthday money, we had put into savings, to buy us a new mattress. I had to move the money so that I could order the mattress. I ran back home and got Hunt and Amy so we could do dinner and Scouts. Amy and I went to Wal-mart to get stuff for our diet for the week. I did get the new matress ordered when we got back home. It is a memory foam matress we ordered from Costco. Then to bed.

Tuesday, Back to care for another try at going to Sylacauga. We did spend most of the day in Sylacauga doing PR and working on finding a office location. Not alot to tell for today. I got off and went to the VDF meeting which of course drugg on for to long. So we ran to town for a quike supper.

Wednesday, I went in to TCC at 6:30. After a couple of hours, Joe came in (he's my boss) and wanted me to go to Huntsville to install computers with him. It was cold and snowing so he thought it would be slow in TCC, so one could person could handle TCC for the day. It was an interesting day for me. Joe informed me that I was one of two that were going to be trained on IT so that we could take some of the load off him and Micheal with the computers as we go statewide. We will be able to go do installs and trouble shoot or do maintanience every now and then. We got back to Bham around 4 so that the computers we had changed out could go to the software guys. They will get reprogramed so they can go back out to somewhere else. I headed home about 5. I was so tired on the way home. We got a quike bite and I was in bed by 8 and from what Hunter and Amy said., I was gone. Amy even did crafts on the bed and I did not awake.

Thursday, it was back to TCC at 6:30. it was a busy day in here for some reason. I again headed home during rush hour. I stopped at Nextel to get Hunt's phone worked on and got home about 7. Our new matress had come during the day, so hunter and I got the old one out and wrestled the new one into the bedroom. Let me tell you one thing, that thing ways 180 pounds and it was tough to carry. It came in a vacume sealed bag wrapped in a thick plastic wrap. You put it in the middle of the bed and follow the instructions on releasing it. They really need to tell you that it takes several hours to come back to shape and 72 hours till fully filled out. We did not get it on the bed till 9 so it was a long night of waiting. It slept pretty good the first night but it is supposed to get better in the next couple of days. Just another late day and night for us. I look forward to Saturday night when I get to finally sleep in it fully expanded.

Friday, Hunter and I went to the school early to get the trailor loaded for the band to go to Distric compitition. There are some pictures in the Band's section of my albulms on the right. We had a great day and the band did well. I had to go into Care for the night shift when I got back. Amy and Hunter got him ready for a camp out this weekend. I went to work. We had a decent night with only having to get up once in the early morning hours.

And now to today, Saturday, As I told you at the first of this post, it has been a great day with seeing the Turkeys. We have been steady here at TCC but not to bad. I can not wait to get home and go to sleep. It will be my first night to really evaluate the new matress. I will let you know how it is on Monday when I get back here. Tommorow, I am at Care for 24 hours and the weather may get rough. I hate working in the rain, but oh well.

As for my diet, I am so tired of salad. I have done well this week with only one little slip of some fries. I have lost 6 pounds so far. I will keep you up to date.

Till Monday everyone,


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