Friday, February 1, 2008

The passing of Uncle Woodrow

Hello to everyone,

This has been a full week so far with one major event taking place. On Monday January 28th, 2008, Uncle Woodrow Thurman passed in his sleep at the age of 95. As Amy stated that afternoon, it is not hard to see him sitting with Paw Paw Franklin in rocking chairs with Tag laying at their feet in heaven. I know he is much more comfortable now and we will one day again see him.

On Monday, I was at work at Care when I got the phone call from mom about Woodrow. I was supposed to work a day shift but ended up working a full shift. We had good shift. I even got a phone call from the Department of Public Safty's lawyer in regards to the tractor cruise during the day. He is going to be working with me on getting the permissions needed for our route.

Tuesday, I was off for the day. I spent the day at the school working on several projects around the school. We went to the visitation that night then to dinner and back home.

Wednesday, I took off from TCC so that I could be at the funeral. I used the morning hours to do some local errands that I needed to do. By 1245 I was in my suit and headed to the funeral. It was an all afternoon event with him lieing in state at the church, then the funeral and graveside services. We then came back to Woodrow's home and all the family and friends had a visitation time with food. Hunter, Amy and I headed to Patsy's house about 6 pm so that Hunter could help her get some ipods working. He figured out the problem and got them to sync for her. We then went and had dinner then home.

Thursday, oh thats today or actually yesterday now. I am at TCC for a night shift. So, as you can guess, I slept much of the day. I did go and get dinner, on my way to work, with Amy and Hunter. It has been an OK shift so far. I have not felt real good since I awoke but I think it is just a mental sickness of being drained from the week. I will head home in the morning and get soem sleep till midafternoon and then so some errands that are needed and spend time with the family.

I am back here Saturday evening at 230 pm, so I will catch you up then. Maybe I will feel like writting more then.


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EMS Action said...

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, Jeff.