Saturday, February 9, 2008

Good Saturday Morning To everyone

Hello and good morning.

I am of course sitting at my desk here at TCC of a 10:30 to 10:30 shift. It was a beutiful drive in this morning and I look forward to a great day.

I had a great day yesterday to. Let me tell you about it. I slept in till 0930. Got up and got a good hot shower. I then headed to the school to work on the sound system and knock around. I like being around the school alot and got most of the sound system installed. All I have to do know is get the monitor wires pulled up from under the stage and connector boxes installed. The school is not going to know what to do whit a fully fuctional system instead of pieced together system. I even put in a DVD player so that when they do a movie or something. it will go threw the system. I have to find a couple more connectors to make connctions and it will be declared finished. I am then going to maybe start a Audio/Media Club and teach some of the kids about how to operated the system correctly and even teach about other systems. Anyway, after being at the school, Amy and I went to town run a couple of errands. We went to both banks, got my hair shaved off, and got her medicine. I even got back home with some daylight left and got my new humidity sensor installed on my weather station. Then it was up to moms for a feast of fried chicken, mashed tators, limas, english peas and rolls. She fixed Red Velvet cake for the girls, but I dont eat it so I ate a donut. We had the honor of Tammy being there for dinner (Kelly's girlfriend) and she seemed to enjoy being around. She is a good person as far as I can tell. Kelly showed me his new computer chip he got in his boat that shows unbelievable detail of the water and the bottom of the lakes that works with the GPS unit to help you fish. Amy and I headed home about 9. We had decided a couple of days ago to order us a new mattress with some money we had in savings , so we did that before going to sleep. Our mattress is 17 years old as far as we can tell and is worn down. Well, then it was to the bed and I went to sleep while Amy watched a movie. And Like I said, It is a beutiful day here in Birmingham today.

I work again tommorow from 6:30 till 2:30p. and look forward to seeing what comes of tommorow. I'm going to see if Hunter still wants to go to the World of Wheels. If he does, Amy will bring him up and we will go. If not, I will go home and relax. This upcoming week is again full everyday with Care on Monday and Tuesday, then TCC the next two day for 6:30 to 4:30 shifts. Then on Friday is Distric band compition and I am pulling the band trailer and going to help shaperon. Saturday brings me back to TCC for 10:30 to 10:30 then Care for 24 on Sunday. So as you can figure, my next off day is Monday the 18th. I will keep you up to date as much as possible.

Mom's Birthday is on Sunday the 18th, So all wish her a happy Birthday, and of course send money for gifts. LOL

I thank all of you that read my juornal of life. I wish all of you the best.


p.s. - the spell check would not work so I know i missed spelled some words.

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