Monday, February 25, 2008

Grandmaw went to Big Rock

Hello Everyone,

I know, I know. It has been over a week. Sorry, Life is dealing me all I can do right now. But I will bring you you to speed. I hope you don't get to upset, but I am going to give you an abbreviated report.

I left you headed home to sleep on the new mattress. It slept OK, but I was so wound up I could not sleep good.

Sunday (17)- worked at Care for 24. We had a rather long shift and had I did not rest much. I was glad it was over on Monday morning.

Monday (18)- I ran home and got myself a shower and headed to TCC quickly. I made it in at 09:30. Had a good day at TCC. But it got better. It was mom's birthday so we all meet at Golden City for food and cake. Yes I blew my diet to pieces. Not on the food, but 3 pieces of cake did me in. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed each other for about 2 hours. My family left and went to Lowe's (yes Pam, I said Lowe's) to get a new front porch light that the storm damaged a few days before then headed home. I slept better on the mattress tonight.

Tuesday (19)-Back to TCC for the early morning shift.I will be real honest and I do not remember much of that day, so it must have not had to much going in it. I do remember that I reprogrammed the phones at TCC for the North part of the state all shift, but not much after that.

Wednesday (20)- Another 24 hour shift at Care. I went to Sylacauga for the day part of the shift. We ran 4 calls which is the first good day in Sylacauga. Then back to Talladega for the rest of the night.

Thursday (21)- Guess what, I was off for the day. It was raining hard and I headed home, got in bed and slept till 2 pm. I then headed to the school to work on the sound system. I needed Hunter's help to pull wires , so I had to wait till he got out of school.. We got it set up for the most part and it feels good to have it working correctly for the school. We all went and got some dinner and then to bed.

Friday (22)- Back to TCC for the morning shift again. We had staff meeting about bringing on North Alabama on Monday and about putting more shifts on to cover the load. I was not told I had a full time position, but it looks a little closer. I got off late and headed home. We got dinner then watched some tv.

Saturday (23)- I got up and went to put in the siren in the Brush truck at the FD while Amy went to the school for a clean up day and Hunter was at Jacksonville for a merit badge class. I had to be at TCC at 2:30 and had a good day. Amy got sick due to being out in the cold so I went home to take care of her.

Sunday (24)- I was off and slept in. When I got up, it was a beautiful day and Hunter and I headed out to get some lunch. While out, we went and got Charlie's Bad Boy Buggy so we could take Maw Maw to Big Rock. She really enjoyed getting out and seeing the land and the creek. There are some pictures in the albums to the right side. After that, Hunter and I tested that cart to its all. Not on purpose, but we sure got into a place I would have never thought it could get out of. IT DID with the help of the winch, but it was amazing. We got it returned to Charlie and then I relaxed and watched a movie and headed to bed.

So it is now Monday the 25th. It has been a bad day so far and does not look to get better. Maybe it will be better when I awake this morning.

See ya everybody,


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