Thursday, August 23, 2007

The "Man Cabinet"

Hello everyone,

As you can see, I have shown you a little piece of heaven for me. Hunter and I call it the "Man Cabinet". The actual cabinet is an old cabinet that we came across in the attic of Grandmom's house. There is no telling when it was constructed. It is definately handmade some years ago. We have used it for several different displays, over the few years since we got it and cleaned it up. But for the last few times, it has been my liqueur storage or a display of my things. As you can see, it has some cigar boxes that have been collected along with a few Tequila bottles. The two important bottles are the Cabo Wabo Bottles. Up on top of the cabinet, is a couple of interesting bottles of cashew wine. These came from Belize and are made from the fruit that the cashew nut hangs from. It has a distinctive cashew taste. Other special things of mine are in the cabinet, along with some representation of my life. This is my area of decoration in our home, and I enjoy it.

We got the cabinet placed back up last night. As you know from a previous post, we have been working on painting the den and redoing the arrangement. As we rehung it, Amy and I talked about sharing it with you guys that may not come to the house and be able to see it. It really is pretty with the new wall color.

Just a quick note about what's been going on for the last couple of days. On Tuesday, I worked SAS. Patsy was out so I had Deanna for a partner. We had a decent day. Nothing really exciting to talk about. It was steady but not what I would call busy. I just hate when the few calls thru the night are spaced so you never get any good sleep. When I got home, I got on work clothes and headed to fix the tractor from my bad day on Saturday. It went good. The repairs were not too bad expensive and went smoothly. I also got the push mower running for Mom and returned the box blade to Chris, whom had let me borrow it. When all that was done and I had the bush hog still on, I went ahead and cut the under brush behind Mom and Dad's house. I did not realize how hot I had gotten till I got off the tractor to wash it off and got light headed. I decided that that was it for now and put the tractor up and went and took a cold shower. I met some of the other Band Booster members for us to look at a trailer for sale to replace the u-haul truck we have now.

After dinner, is when Amy and I worked on putting the cabinet up and arranging it. Hunter and I went up to the shop and got the mower deck replaced under the tractor so that the grass could be cut. Hunter had to do a safety inspection, any repairs needed, and install a farm implement for a merit badge he is working on. So we satisfied that requirement. From there, it was back to the shower then to bed.

I am now at TCC working a 12 hour shift from 10:30 to 10:30. Someone called in, so they called and wanted me to come in early and pull the 12 instead of an 8 hour shift. I really needed the time so I was glad to. I will let you know about my day today later on.

Talk to you soon,

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