Monday, August 13, 2007

Hot days of working !

Hello everyone,

To catch you up. My last blog ended with me at TCC at work. We had a busy spell where we had about 10 patients within an hour then back to slow. All the patients were mostly from two wrecks, one in Walker county and one in Shelby county.

I got off a few minutes late and got home to find that the TV had gone out. Hunter and Amy stated they smelled something electrical burning and then the TV went off. It won't even try to power up and smells awful when you plug it up. Oh well. Maybe I can talk Amy into a plasma or LCD (LOL). Amy and Hunter had finished the painting, so Hunter and I rehung the sliding glass door blinds and pulled the tape border off. I will still have to hang the mini blinds and curtains when Amy gets them ready. Hunter showed me some drummer videos he had found on youTube and I worked on a letter to my boss at SAS and a letter for the band boosters. I laid down about 2am and guess I fell asleep sometime around 3.

Woke the next morning to go to SAS. We had an easy morning, but caught it all afternoon. We had a lot of high blood pressure patients, I guess from the heat. But we had one hell of a wreck at County Road 41 and 280 around 5 pm. It looked like we had every department from Coosa County and southern Talladega County there. We had four patients in a minivan that blew a tire and rolled, according to witness, 6 times before going into the woods where it went another 40-50 yards thru the trees landing upside down. We ended up flying two patients out and ground transporting two others. My patient was not critical and got a bunch of stitches but was OK. We had to transport a patient to Princeton about midnight, so we got back and into bed about 2:30. Slept the rest of the night.

Today I went home and visited with my parents for a few minutes then went down to the house and Amy and I got a few errands together before I left coming to Bham, back to TCC at 2:30 pm. I went toward Pelham to Amy's parents to get a TV they gave us to use, but I made several stops on the way there. I got to TCC a little early to move the satellite dish so the tree will not interfere with it during rain. It was HOT out there. Now I am sitting at my computers and awaiting patient calls. Its been a decent day so far here.

Amy has not had such a easy day, but I hope she will be alright. Just a little stress in getting her paperwork done for the school. I look forward to getting home and spending some time with her since we have not had but this morning for a short/busy time together since I left for work at lunch time on Saturday. I worked TCC Saturday evening. She worked at Grandmothers Saturday night. Then I went to SAS Sunday before she got home and then had to get on the road to Bham today early. So it will be good to get home.

I am off tomorrow but it looks like a busy day of projects around the house and I need to go fix a drum at the school. Then tomorrow night is Band Booster meeting and Fire Department meeting.

Maybe one day soon I can just have an off day. Lets hope!

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