Friday, February 5, 2010

This old house

From Turkey Cottage House

As I put on my blog the other day. We are going to have a White Family edition of "This Old House" for the next while. The picture above is of the home taken somewhere around 1885. My Great Grand Parents along with the first 2 boys of 12 children are standing in front of it. The oldest boy died 85 years ago and Grand Mother was the youngest of the 12 and she lived in this home all 94 years of her life. With Amy and I and living there, we are the 4th generation of family to live in the home. So Hunter is the 5th generation. I do not know many family's that can say that and I am very proud to now be living in and restoring the home for more generations to come.

Stay tuned in to this blog site for updates on the project and some pictures along the way.

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